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For Consumers Only - Have you heard of a Funeral Celebrant, a person other than clergy who leads a funeral or memorial service?

93 percent of Homesteaders policy owners stated advance funeral planning is important because it "eliminates emotional burden from surviving family."

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For Funeral Professionals

Why do funeral home owners join with Homesteaders?

Funeral home owners tell us they do business with Homesteaders because it is easy. According to a recent survey, we are described as being "trustworthy," "service-oriented," "committed to funeral home success," and "responsive to funeral home needs." In addition to these attributes, Homesteaders provides solutions for customers who seek success from a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

We offer...

Simple Forms     Instant Claims®     Early Payoff Option

Competitive Growth and Commissions

Casket Price Protection     PartnerPoints®      

Account Executive Support    Marketing Organizations      

Advanced Marketing Support     Top-Rated Customer Service

Financial Strength    An unwavering commitment to customer success!

We have an unwavering commitment to the success of our funeral home customers and to promoting the value of funeral service. Contact a Homesteaders account executive for the complete story. Click here to find the representative for your area.