Investing in
Our Communities

We hold ourselves accountable to our community and the funeral profession and take great pride in giving back with our time and resources.

Finding Resilience

In February, we launched Finding Resilience with Dr. Jason Troyer, PhD. This program focuses on career burnout prevention and is designed specifically for funeral service professionals and the unique challenges they experience.


More than 4,000 Finding Resilience journals and 1,500 workbooks were distributed to funeral professionals.

Dr. Troyer presented the Finding Resilience program to funeral professionals at 12 industry events throughout the country.


231 funeral professionals subscribed to the Finding Resilience weekly email program.


1,200 visitors have viewed the Finding Resilience blog posts and 1,713 have viewed the Finding Resilience webpage.


300 funeral professionals have watched the Ask Dr. Troyer video series.


Supporting Our Communities

At Homesteaders, we’re dedicated not only to funeral service, but also to the communities where we live and work. In addition to our long tradition of charitable giving, in 2018 we started a volunteer time-off program, which allows employees to take a free day off work to help local nonprofit organizations.

employees volunteered with 25 organizations throughout central Iowa.

We raised more than $200,000 for the United Way of Central Iowa.

We supported organizations that help local families by donating much-needed items like school supplies and children’s books.

Supporting the Funeral Profession

At Homesteaders, we know that funeral professionals face many day-to-day challenges that can make it difficult to continue to serve families at the highest level. That’s why we are committed to supporting the profession with our time and resources.

We demonstrated our commitment to funeral service through participation in association boards, industry events and thought leadership.

We supported 8 organizations that positively impact funeral professionals, including the NFDA, ICCFA, CANA, the Funeral Service Foundation and Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

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