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We offer breakthrough technology solutions that help funeral homes meet evolving consumer needs.

Homesteaders is anticipating the future needs of funeral professionals who want digital tools that make it easier and more efficient to operate their funeral businesses. In 2018, we worked with two technology leaders to bring more innovative solutions to our customers and agents.


eFuneral® launched their
innovative digital platform.

It was an exciting year for Homesteaders’ eFuneral® subsidiary. After more than two years of hard work, the technology team launched their groundbreaking online planning experience, connecting funeral homes throughout the country with a new generation of consumers through their one-of-a-kind interactive digital platform.


To ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations, the eFuneral® team spent 13,400 hours building their platform.

2,500 hours of testing went into the site, ensuring a seamless customer experience for pre-need and at-need families.

Consumers used eFuneral’s website to price $1.2 million worth of funerals.

eFuneral® worked with 10 funeral homes in 2018 that issued 80 policies with a total arrangement amount of more than $140,000.

When given the opportunity to select services at their own pace, families have been more likely to choose enhanced goods and services.

Benekiva helped implement a new, market-leading claims system.

In January, Homesteaders invested in Benekiva, a software company focused on providing seamless technology solutions for financial services. A team of Benekiva and Homesteaders developers has worked to build a one-of-a-kind system that will make our claims process simpler and more efficient. This means our customers will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with client families.

Benekiva earned two awards in 2018.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners Innovation Award
Benekiva competed against seven other insurtech startups during the NAIC’s D’Bet(t)a Bowl competition. Each company was given a few minutes to pitch their ideas to a room full of insurance experts. The experts then voted for their favorite insurtech product.

Hartford Insurtech Innovation Award
In September, Benekiva joined eight other insurtech startups at Hartford Insurtech’s Pitch Nite. After presentations from each company, the attendees voted for their favorite startups in several different categories.

500 hours of testing have gone into a new Homesteaders claims process.

Benekiva is already recognized as a market leader and was featured in 57 news articles in 2018.

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