Investing in
Sales & Marketing

We build deep, lasting relationships with funeral professionals, designing tailored solutions that help increase sales.

Due to the hard work of Homesteaders’ funeral home customers and agents, we surpassed a significant milestone in 2018: $500 million in new policies. At the end of the year, more consumers than ever before enjoyed peace of mind knowing their funeral had been planned and funded by a Homesteaders policy.

We offer gold-standard, hands-on sales support.

Our sales team builds deep, lasting relationships with our funeral home customers, designing tailored solutions that align with their unique business needs.

We have 63 members on our sales and marketing teams dedicated to helping funeral professionals reach more families.

We provide premium marketing solutions.

In addition to supporting many active, successful funeral homes with their self-managed pre-need programs, we offer funeral professionals their choice of more than 40 top-tier marketing organizations, so they can select the program that is the best fit for their market.

Our in-house marketing team supports hundreds of funeral home customers through customizable lead generation, grief support and aftercare.

More than
14,000 consumers are using our new funeral planning guide.
Nearly 4,500 families have benefited from our aftercare checklist.
More than 3,200 people are accessing grief support through Dr. Jason Troyer’s Finding Hope grief booklets.

We bring hands-on training right to your doorstep.

122 pre-need professionals attended our Successful Sales Strategies classes – a 250% increase over 2017. Graduates went on to present to more than 8,100 families using tools from the class.

17 funeral home owners and managers attended our Certificate in Strategic Business Management course.

We support our funeral home customers.

661 funeral homes participated in Homesteaders' P3 Casket Price Protection Plan® offered exclusively through Matthews Aurora.

121 sales counselors were recognized at Leaders Conference and Homesteaders Club for their outstanding service to our policy owners.

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