4 Stats to Know for Your Digital Funeral Home Marketing

The way client families interact with your firm is changing – but how quickly, and what areas should funeral professionals focus on? Reviewing digital platform usage can help you better understand the opportunities to differentiate your funeral home.

Here are four statistics that could impact the digital funeral home marketing landscape – and tips for leveraging that information to help grow your business and provide a better overall customer experience.

1. For the first time, digital ad spending will account for more than 50% of the global ad market.

Source: eMarketer

Digital advertising has been making gains on traditional advertising channels, and 2019 is the year the scales are set to tip toward digital as the dominant advertising force. This isn’t to say advertisers aren’t using traditional channels; in fact, many businesses are leveraging multiple channels to tell their stories.

As more businesses enter, or increase their presence in, the digital advertising space, more of your competitors may be using digital advertising to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites. (The top digital ad sellers for 2019 are – no surprises here – Google and Facebook.)

2. A majority of Baby Boomers (59%) now use Facebook.

Source: Pew Research Center

The past few years have brought rapid growth in Facebook usage among Baby Boomers. The percentage of Baby Boomers who say they use Facebook jumped from 50% in 2015 to 59% in 2018. That’s good news for those who have embraced the platform as a way to grow brand awareness, promote community events and earn new clients.

Setting up and building an audience for your Facebook Page can help create a community around your brand, encourage referrals and reach consumers where they are spending their time. If you need tips for getting started, or want to learn more about creating content that drives engagement on Facebook, check out the free Social Media Guide for Funeral Professionals.

3. Most consumers (59%) have written reviews for local businesses, and an additional 27% would consider leaving reviews in the future.

Source: BrightLocal

People like to share their opinions about experiences with local businesses – and those opinions matter to others who are looking for similar products and services. Three-quarters of consumers ages 55 and older at least occasionally read online reviews for businesses. In addition, 69% of consumers ages 55 and older say their next step after reading a positive review is to visit the business’s website.

Monitoring online reviews (and responding appropriately) is an important part of online reputation management for your funeral home. In addition, reviews offer a way to amplify the impact of the positive experiences your firm provides.

4. Sixty-nine percent of people who message businesses say the ability to message a business helps them feel more confident about the brand.

Source: Facebook

Creating an online presence isn’t just about building brand awareness and earning business (although those are both vital functions, of course). Your digital marketing efforts can also establish credibility and boost confidence, in addition to providing convenience that can be an important differentiator for your firm. Businesses need to be willing to meet current and potential clients on the platforms that are most beneficial for them.

In a previous post, we shared steps your firm can take to make it easy for people to communicate with you through Facebook. For additional tips on getting started with Facebook Page messaging, you can refer to the Facebook Help Center section on this topic.

Your client families are more digitally connected than ever, which means it’s critical for your firm to be prepared to meet their needs. How is your firm using digital platforms to connect with your community? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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