6 Pinterest Board Ideas to Enhance Your Funeral Home Marketing


Last year, my husband and I embarked on the vacation of a lifetime. Although we had an action-packed itinerary and managed to cross many tourist destinations off our “bucket list,” we enjoyed a smooth travel experience.

Preparing for such a logistically complex trip, even for just two people, requires a lot of coordination and research. When I was ready to start putting together a travel plan for our vacation, I soon discovered that my most helpful resource wasn’t a travel website – it was Pinterest.

In the initial planning phase, I needed an easy-to-reference tool to help me keep track of relevant travel information and narrow down my choices. With Pinterest, I could create topic-driven boards and pin travel guides for our destinations, tips for transportation and information about specific sites we wanted to see.

Like me, many Pinterest users leverage the tool to help them plan for a variety of events and milestones: birthdays, weddings, new homes – and yes, even funerals. You can find Pinterest boards dedicated to funeral-related topics ranging from celebration of life ideas to grief support resources.

Funeral professionals can get started on Pinterest by providing information to help families…

  • plan ahead for themselves or a loved one.
  • …know what to expect when they attend a funeral.
  • …get grief support after the loss of a loved one.

Below you’ll find a few Pinterest board ideas that can help you make the most of this platform for your funeral home marketing efforts.

1. Our Funeral Home

Because Pinterest is a visual medium, it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your facilities. You can create a board with photos of your funeral home to highlight all of its amenities and provide an online “tour.” On each pinned image, be sure to include a caption that describes how the room or area in the photo relates to your services. For example, a photo of a funeral home’s event space could include a caption that explains the gatherings that the firm facilitates for families.

2. How to Write an Obituary

Each month, thousands of people search for information about writing an obituary for a loved one. You can help by creating a Pinterest board with helpful links and tips that will demystify the process. If you have a funeral home blog, you could write a blog post with your own helpful tips and pin the link to the post on this board.

3. Photo Tribute Ideas

For many families, photos are an integral part of remembering a loved one. While photo display boards can be a great option, there are other creative ways to incorporate photos into a visitation or celebration of life. On a photo tribute ideas board, pin images of unique photo displays that families can use as inspiration for their own events. The images of photo displays don’t have to be from a funeral service event – weddings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries could present ideas for photo displays that could be adapted for use in a memorial setting.

4. Grief Support

Consider creating a Pinterest board for grief support resources (such as websites and books) you have found to be useful in supporting families. If you have a grief support library at your funeral home, you could pin a photo of your library area and share information about your available resources in the caption.

5. Our Community

Because funeral homes are such an integral part of the community, your funeral home social media presence should reflect your important role. A Pinterest board about your community is an excellent way to promote the area you serve through pins that showcase organizations you support and other groups that you are involved with. If you sponsor a local school’s sports team, for example, pin a group photo from the team’s website page that links back to a schedule of upcoming games.

6. Personalized Funerals

As more and more families search online for ideas about customizing memorial events for themselves or loved ones, you can help by compiling ideas on a Pinterest board. Include examples of exceptional funeral services that could be used as inspiration for your client families.

Once you begin, you’ll likely find there are many other board topics that apply to your firm and your community. Consider your firm’s offerings and begin creating Pinterest boards that are relevant to the services you offer and the community you serve.

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