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Sarah Loghry

Sarah Loghry
Sarah Loghry is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Homesteaders Life Company and the editor of BluePrint™.

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5 Things to Know about Families Who Prearrange

January 18, 2018 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Marketing, Preneed Marketing

A new year means new families may consider planning their funerals in advance. Every few years, Homesteaders surveys its policy holders to find out what inspired them to prearrange and the process they took to get there. Take a look at five important learnings from our most recently published survey and how you can use them today in your funeral home.

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5 Simple Funeral Customer Service Practices that Go Above and Beyond

January 11, 2018 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Customer Service

Last winter, my family traveled to Key Largo, FL, for a family vacation. One of the places we planned to visit was Island Dolphin Care. When we arrived, it was apparent that the facility was closed for the holidays. We must have looked disappointed enough to catch the attention of one of the staff members. When the employee came down to greet us, my dad explained where we were from and why we were there, and with a quick, “hold on,” he ran back up the stairs.

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4 of our Favorite Funeral Service Stories from This Year

December 28, 2017 by Sarah Loghry

Each year, we have the honor of working alongside funeral professionals from across the country. We get to share some of your success stories in our newsletter for our funeral home customers. Each funeral home that we interview for our cover story has a unique approach to caring for their community members, but they always astound us with their dedication to caring for those who need help the most.

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3 Ways Your Funeral Home Website Can Make a Better First Impression

December 07, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Marketing

‘Tis the season for online shopping. During the holidays, I avoid physical stores like the plague. Generally, I stick to trusted sites like Target and Amazon, but sometimes I’m looking for a really specific item and my search takes me to the website of a small business.

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Grief During the Holidays: 5 Aftercare Ideas for Funeral Professionals

November 09, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Grief, Aftercare

Our first family Thanksgiving after my grandfather passed away was strange, to say the least. My entire extended family arrived at my aunt’s house, making an effort to be together for my grandma. First, a toilet exploded, creating a huge mess in one of the bathrooms and forcing us to shut off the water to the entire house. Then, the oven broke mid-way through cooking the large turkey my aunt had purchased for my two dozen family members. When we sat down to eat off of paper plates and cups to avoid dirty dishes, the back of my uncle’s chair snapped off, and he almost tumbled on to the floor. We decided that this was my grandpa’s way of making sure we all knew he was there, still creating havoc.

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7 Tips to Generate Word-of-Mouth Referrals for Your Funeral Business

October 19, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Home Business

A few years ago, I was working at a very stressful job. My stress manifested itself in my shoulders and kicked off daily tension headaches. I tried muscle relaxers, physical therapy and just taking pain killers and hoping for the best, but nothing seemed to work. One evening in the midst of my dilemma I met my good friend for dinner. We talked about workplace stress and realized that we were experiencing the same symptoms. However, she was managing hers with monthly massages. She explained how her masseuse, who she called by name, had helped and given her advice on how to manage the pain. She then pulled out her phone and texted me the masseuse’s phone number and website. The next morning, I called and made an appointment, giving that local business a new life-long customer.

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8 Simple Aftercare Ideas that Make a Difference

September 14, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Aftercare, Funeral Home Business

A strong aftercare program is a necessary aspect of funeral service, with program benefits that can far outweigh the cost. Aftercare is an extension of the support you provide to families, which helps build loyalty to your firm. Continuing end-of-life care with funeral aftercare services can create more satisfied customers who could become brand advocates and recommend your firm to others. Plus, aftercare can open the door to future prearrangements from family members. If you are ready to start providing this excellent value-added service to your client families, take a look at these simple aftercare ideas.

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How to Ensure Your Preneed Program Aligns with Your Funeral Home Brand

August 24, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Marketing, Preneed Marketing

Branding is a cornerstone of effective marketing. It distinguishes you from your competitors and helps to keep your firm top-of-mind. Branding is a feeling you get when you walk into a business and an understanding of what a business stands for without having to point it out. Once you have confirmed that your firm’s branding is effective in your community, you can start ensuring all your services – including your preneed program – are seamlessly integrated. Discover four simple things you can do to align your brand with your preneed program.

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Effective Storytelling to Promote Advance Funeral Planning

July 27, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Marketing, Preneed Marketing

Storytelling is an engaging and emotionally-driven means of communication. It can be used to capture the interest and evoke memories of whoever is listening. Stories can take us to other worlds and times, and they can stick with us for a long time. Using real-life stories to promote advance funeral planning can help you share the benefits of prearranging in way that are meaningful to people in your community.

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Practical Ways Your Funeral Home Business Can Help the Community

July 06, 2017 by Sarah Loghry
Funeral Home Business

Funeral professionals have a very distinct role in their communities. They are called on to provide guidance and support during a family’s time of need. They are also viewed as community leaders and, in this role, can have a major impact on whether or not their communities prosper. Taking an active approach to becoming part of your community not only showcases your firm in a positive light but can also give your business a public relations boost with an increase in brand awareness. Here are several ways your funeral home business can benefit your community.

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