How to Connect with Homesteaders at the NFDA Convention

October 11, 2018 Industry Events by Sarah Loghry


The 2018 National Funeral Directors Association International Convention and Expo is jam-packed with events and educational opportunities. As you’re preparing your schedule for the week ahead, don’t forget to include time to check in with Homesteaders at a variety of events throughout the convention. Here is a list of places that you can connect with a Homesteaders team member next week.

Every Day

Homesteaders Booth (1613), Expo Hall

Stop by the Homesteaders booth any day during the expo to learn about the newest developments in pre-need. You can find us on Monday and Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Our team members will be ready to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with expert advice. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn about our career fatigue and burnout prevention program, Finding Resilience, and pick up your very own journal and #FindingResilience sticker.

While you’re in our booth, don’t forget to register to win a smart TV and stop by our video corner to share your thoughts on everything Homesteaders. Video participants have the chance to win a Starbucks gift card.

Social Media Lounge, Entrance to Expo Hall

Homesteaders and DISRUPT Media have once again co-sponsored the NFDA Social Media Lounge. Stop by throughout the expo to chat with Homesteaders and DISRUPT Media team members about your social media questions, and learn more about our Social Media Guide for Funeral Professionals. The lounge will also be the location for our daily social media panel discussions.


Welcome Party, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Grand Ballroom

Chances are you’ll catch one of Homesteaders team members at the film festival-themed Welcome Party on Sunday.


Building Your Pre-need Social Media Strategy, 2:30 p.m., Campfire Exchange

Join Dean Lambert, Homesteaders Senior VP-Marketing and Communications, and Ryan Thogmartin, CEO/Owner of DISRUPT Media, for a Campfire Exchange discussion on ways that funeral homes can boost their pre-need sales through social media.

Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing to Support Pre-need, 4 p.m., Social Media Lounge

Join Homesteaders and DISRUPT Media the Social Media Lounge for a panel discussion on integrating traditional and digital marketing to support pre-need. Panelists include Welton Hong, founder of Ring Ring Marketing, Ryan Thogmartin, CEO/Owner of DISRUPT Media and Greg Norris, regional director at Homesteaders. The panelists will discuss the value of traditional and digital marketing tactics like direct mail, community presentations, search engine optimization and social media to promote prearrangements in your community.

All-Star Recognition Ceremony, 4:30-5:30 p.m., Grand Ballroom

Homesteaders is proud to sponsor this year’s All-Star Recognition Ceremony, which awards top honors to funeral homes and funeral professionals in several categories. Stop by the ceremony to hear remarks from Homesteaders President and CEO, Steve Shaffer.


Providing Exceptional Customer Service Online, 4 p.m., Social Media Lounge

Homesteaders and DISRUPT Media will be hosting a panel discussion at the Social Media Lounge discussing how to provide exceptional customer service online. Our panelists will include Ryan Thogmartin, CEO/Owner of DISRUPT Media, Felix Tsatskis, Co-founder of Consolidated Funeral Services and Kevin Czachor, Vice President and Family Member Owner of ASD. The panelists will discuss ways that funeral homes can utilize all types of digital communication to provide the best customer service possible, include tips for social media, websites, phone calls and emails.


Using Facebook and Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business, 11 a.m., Social Media Lounge

Learn more about using Facebook and Instagram stories to promote your funeral home business in the Social Media Lounge. Panelists include Joshua Tisonyai, Senior Creative Director at DISRUPT Media, Sarah Loghry, Marketing Communications Specialist at Homesteaders, and Ryan Thogmartin, CEO/Owner of DISRUPT Media. The discussion will cover the rise of social media “stories,” the type of content that works best and how businesses can utilize this feature to get in front of their audience.

Click here for a full list of the NFDA convention and expo events and speakers.

Finding Resilience