Homesteaders Releases New eCheck Payment Option

West Des Moines, Iowa — Homesteaders Life Company has announced the release of a new electronic check (eCheck) payment option for policy owners. The new feature is available for premium payments on multi-pay policies and early pay-ups, adding to an already robust suite of payment options.

“At Homesteaders, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience for policy owners, funeral providers and agents,” said Senior Vice President of Customer Service Krista Frank. “eCheck is another way Homesteaders is making it easy and convenient to pay policy premiums. It’s a great option for policy owners who prefer not to use a credit card or mail in a physical check.”

With Homesteaders’ new eCheck feature, users can electronically withdraw funds from a checking or savings account to make policy payments – fee free. Families can access the new feature through the secure policy owner portal on Homesteaders’ website. 

Homesteaders Life Company, a mutual company owned by its policy holders, is a national leader providing products and services to promote and support the funding of advance funeral planning and end-of-life expenses.