2022 Annual Report

Helping people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love.

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Forward Momentum

In 2022, Homesteaders reported record sales volume and strong profits in the face of some challenging developments over the past several years. We were able to continue forward momentum on infrastructure and operational enhancements while positioning the company for future growth and innovation. 

I am excited to see many of the investments we have made in the last few years beginning to bear fruit for our partners, agents and funeral home customers. As we embark on our 118th year, we do so with significant momentum and a renewed commitment to helping families design a better farewell, benefitting those they love. 

Stephen M. Shaffer, President, CEO & Board Chair

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Our Mission & Our People

At Homesteaders, our core purpose is to help people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love. It is a commitment we make with our funeral home customers and key partners, and it influences every decision we make. 


Corporate Giving

Homesteaders maintains a strong corporate giving program, with a focus on supporting charities and nonprofits that benefit our central Iowa community and offer programs and resources for seniors.


Employee Support

We believe that investing in our employees makes our company stronger and better able to serve our customers. Over the last few years, we’ve adjusted our business model to allow greater flexibility for our team. 


Recognition & Awards

Homesteaders is proud to promote several recognition programs for employees. Our continued efforts to support our employees paved the way for being named a Top Iowa and Top U.S.A. Workplace in 2022. 

Our Impact

Every day, we encounter new opportunities to make a lasting, positive difference for the people we serve. Homesteaders is uniquely positioned to work with many professionals and families, driving forward our progress to build stronger relationships and advancing initiatives that encourage more people to experience the benefits of funeral planning. 

We carefully monitor the impact of our efforts to ensure we’re making effective strategic decisions for our funeral home customers and the families we serve. This work, and the long-term vision for success that inspires it, motivate us to create innovative solutions that help funeral professionals and consumers connect with each other. 

In 2022, we took steps for future success, moved forward with more funeral homes, and cultivated stronger results with the nation's top funeral home marketing organizations.

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Our Tools & Partners

Homesteaders’ vision for continued growth requires a forward-thinking approach to enhancing our resources and services to benefit our customers. In 2022, we leveraged and expanded many successful programs and strengthened mutually beneficial partnerships that meet the needs of firms and families. Working together, we continued our positive momentum toward our shared goals. 


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Our Results

We remain committed to delivering results for our funeral home customers, agents and policy owners while optimizing our investment strategy and providing exceptional customer service to our stakeholders. 

In 2022, our new business, claims and customer service teams served a record number of families. Our customer service representatives answered nearly 170,000 calls last year, including an increasing number fielded by our bilingual services team.

We continued to see increases in our digital transactions, including an uptick in applications submitted through our online enrollment platform, and remain committed to ongoing infrastructure enhancements to make our service even more user-friendly and accessible.

Our licensing and compensation team continued to provide training and support to agents in 2022, helping increase average policy size while maintaining high agent satisfaction.

Homesteaders' customer service remains one of the top reasons funeral homes choose to do business with us. In 2022, we maintained our 99% customer satisfaction rating, with 82% saying they have or are likely to recommend Homesteaders to their colleagues.

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Homesteaders remains in a strong, stable financial position. We remain equipped to meet our financial obligations and honor the promises we have made to our policy owners to safeguard their end-of-life funds. 

We reported
$8 million
in income.

We reported
$3.64 billion
in total assets.

We reported
$3.45 billion
in total liabilities.

of our income was redistributed to our funeral home customers, agents and policy owners.



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We are focused on continuously growing our portfolio of services and tools to help ensure that we're able to empower firms to discover new opportunities to grow. 

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