2021 Annual Report

Helping people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love.

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Designing a Better Farewell

As we near the close of year two of this pandemic, I am very proud of Homesteaders’ ability to meet the demand for advance funeral planning in these unusual times and position ourselves to continue to honor the promises we make to consumers well into the future. Our financial strength and long-term planning have created an environment where we remain poised to thrive. Homesteaders is stronger today and better positioned to serve our customers and partners than ever before.

Stephen M. Shaffer, President, CEO & Board Chair

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Building New Tools & Partnerships

Homesteaders recently introduced Homesteaders Solutions, an integrated suite of services that helps funeral providers increase revenue, grow market share and serve more families. The flagship services combine the success of eFuneral’s online sales engine, Domanicare’s award-winning aftercare program and Homesteaders’ secure funeral funding to connect funeral homes with consumers, providing exceptional customer experiences and building long-lasting brand strength.

In 2021, Homesteaders focused on developing and enhancing these tools and building new partnerships.

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Celebrating Exceptional Achievement

Despite the continued uncertainty the pandemic presented in 2021, Homesteaders responded to the ongoing challenge by boldly moving forward and making proactive investments in new tools to support our funeral home customers, agents and employees.

Together, we achieved the highest annual sales volume in Homesteaders’ 116-year history, outstripping the previous record by more than 13%.

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Supporting Customer Success

As funeral professionals implemented new tools and strategies in 2021 to serve more families than ever before, the Homesteaders team was proactive in offering resources to support their important work. Like our funeral home customers, we continued to provide exceptional service and solutions while investing in operational efficiency to meet growing and changing needs.

In addition to new resources and services, sustained success requires people who are committed to helping others, solving problems and leveraging opportunities. The Homesteaders staff worked alongside funeral professionals to introduce even more options that meet those demands, all while upholding the highest standards of customer service.

Our new business team issued
policies, breaking the previous record set in 2018.

We paid
claims in 2021.

Our customer service team answered more than

We offered 16 virtual continuing education events with
total registrations.

Empowering a New Generation of Leaders

Homesteaders would not be who we are without the people in our company. Our positive company culture fuels our success, empowering all employees to live and work by our core values:

  • Be Your Best
  • Serve Boldly
  • Be Humble
  • Care

In the last two years, we have added key people to our leadership team whose vision and passion will help us continue to fulfill our purpose well into the future.

In addition to recruiting the new senior leadership members listed above, we are developing emerging leaders within our organization to carry us well into the future.

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Investing in Long-term Security

Homesteaders’ financial strength enables us to honor our promises to our policyholders, support the success of our funeral home customers and agents and invest in innovative tools that help funeral providers and consumers connect. Our ability to honor our commitments has driven our financial stewardship for 116 years and will continue to drive us well into the future.

We are proud that our financial strength enables us to make the kind of strategic investments that truly move the needle for our customers.

We reported
$691 million
in income.

We reported
$3.5 billion
in total assets, up 6% from 2020.

We reported
$3.3 billion
in total liabilities.

of our income was redistributed to our funeral home customers, agents and policy owners.

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We are focused on adding value so that we are prepared to continue our important work well into the future.

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