Simple Memorial Service Ideas for the Holidays

Each year, funeral professionals make connections with hundreds of people in their community and beyond. Many of the people you serve are approaching their first holiday season without their loved one. Grief during the holidays is challenging for many families, but your firm can help them navigate this difficult time. Funeral professionals are busy, but luckily, you don’t have to spend an entire year planning for a holiday memorial service. Take a look at these simple ideas you can use to connect with families this holiday season.

Create a place for remembrance.

Whether it’s a holiday tree, a garland or a fireplace mantle, creating an open space where community members can place photos or personalized ornaments of their loved ones can promote remembrance during the holidays. Funeral homes can either open this space up for the public during the day, or hold an event where community members can come in and remember together.

Host a holiday memorial service on Facebook Live.

Many funeral homes host yearly holiday memorial services to honor those who have passed away within the last year. To create a greater sense of community, funeral professionals could stream their service live on Facebook to allow those unable to attend to take part.

Send holiday cards or emails.

Connecting with members of your community doesn’t always mean hosting a large event. Sending simple holiday messages in the mail or through email is a great way to let families know you’re thinking about them.

Host a tree lighting ceremony.

You don’t need a giant tree like Rockefeller Center in New York to host a tree lighting ceremony. A simple pine tree on the property of your funeral home or an indoor holiday tree can have the same effect. Gather your community toward the beginning of December for this meaningful event to kick off the holiday season and remember loved ones they lost during the year.

Host a holiday movie night.

This light-hearted approach to a holiday memorial service could help many families in your community, especially those with small children. Consider hosting one or more movie nights at your funeral home or the local theater to bring together families you’ve served throughout the year. There are hundreds of holiday movies to choose from, so you won’t run out of ideas!

Create care packages or holiday cards for deployed troops.

Some grieving families would prefer to keep themselves busy during the holiday season. Consider hosting a care package or card making event with a vetted organization that will help you send them to troops overseas. Activities like this can help promote new family holiday traditions after losing a loved one.

The holiday season can be a very busy time for funeral professionals and community members. Simple reminders that your funeral home is thinking about those who have lost a loved one can help promote healing in the community.

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