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Episode 5: Zach Chatterton

July 2, 2024 by Homesteaders Life Company

Zach Chatterton joins Danielle Burmeister in this discussion about the funeral home software platform Gather. Zach is the Founder and CEO of Gather, which recently partnered with Homesteaders, enabling an integration with their case management platform. In their chat, Zach covers how Gather originated, how technology has shifted over the years and what it takes to build a positive and productive workplace culture. They also discuss importance of understanding the funeral professional experience as a company immersed within the funeral space. Learn more about Zach’s inspiration behind Gather and key features of the platform in their conversation.

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Episode 4: John Heald

June 4, 2024 by Homesteaders Life Company

John Heald joins Danielle Burmeister in this discussion about how the funeral industry has shifted to the digital space. John is General Manager of the Funeral Home Channel of and Chair-Elect on the Board of Trustees for the Funeral Service Foundation. In their chat, John covers his career path over the years, opportunities and challenges that funeral professionals face as generations unite in the workplace and the power of relationship building and networking within the industry. They also discuss the importance in giving back to communities and the amazing work the Funeral Service Foundation does for others. 

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Episode 3: Teresa Carlson

May 6, 2024 by Homesteaders Life Company

Teresa Carlson joins Danielle Burmeister in this discussion about funeral home lending, the future of females in the funeral space and the importance of succession planning. Teresa is Vice President of The Bancorp Bank, a nationwide funeral industry lender. In their chat, Teresa talks about how she got started in the banking industry, challenges and opportunities in small business lending and how her career has evolved into a focus on funeral home loans. They also cover how she grew her career while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Learn all about lending opportunities for firms of any size in this entertaining conversation with Teresa.

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Episode 2: Dan Lodermeier

April 4, 2024 by Homesteaders Life Company

Dan Lodermeier joins Danielle Burmeister in this discussion about sales, leadership and the value of the Harry Potter book series. In their chat, Dan shares stories of starting out as a young professional, lessons he’s learned over the course of his 30+ years with Homesteaders and the qualities needed to succeed in sales to become a standout leader. They also talk about Homesteaders’ account executive program and share some favorite book recommendations. Learn more about what it takes to thrive in the field of sales in this lively and engaging conversation.

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Episode 1: Steve Shaffer

March 4, 2024 by Homesteaders Life Company

Steve Shaffer joins Danielle Burmeister in this discussion about his career in the funeral profession. Steve Shaffer is the Board Chair, President and CEO of Homesteaders Life Company. In their chat, they cover how Steve entered the funeral profession, his career path over the years, how he has seen the industry grow and how he sees it changing moving forward. Learn more about Homesteaders' leader in this informative and inspiring conversation.

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