Can Counseling Help?

"My wife and my physician suggested that I try counseling, but I'm not sure it would help. What do you suggest?"

Sharing the Workload

"I hoped adding staff members would lighten my workload, but many families still specifically ask to work with me. How can I take time off and avoid disappointing client families?"

Wellness Breaks

"I've tried to make time for gratitude or meditation every day, but my schedule is constantly changing and nothing seems to stick. Do you have any suggestions for me?"

Challenging Arrangement Conferences

"I recently experienced a particularly challenging arrangement conference with family members who couldn't agree on anything. How can I better handle these difficult situations?"

Family Business Concerns

"Should I tell my parents now that I'm concerned about taking over our family's funeral home business — and that I'm thinking about leaving the profession altogether?"

Funeral Professionals and Grief

"Do funeral professionals have a more difficult time grieving their own losses because of their work environment?"

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