Why Do Business with Homesteaders?

Homesteaders is the trusted, reliable and secure choice for dependable preneed funding.

For more than a century, Homesteaders Life Company has been trusted to make the right decisions about funeral funding products – decisions that are good for consumers and funeral professionals.


Homesteaders Offers:

Unmatched Customer Service

Our team of customer service representatives has the experience and expertise to answer our customers’ questions the first time they call.

Security and Stability

We take very seriously the promises we make to client families and maintain a financial discipline that ensures we are here to honor those promises for years to come.

Fast, Simple Claims

Easy-to-use features like our exclusive Instant Claims, Phone-a-Claim and EFT payment options offer accelerated policy payout, often on the same day.

Full-Service Marketing

We offer customers their choice of more than 40 top-tier marketing organizations, so they can select the program that is the best fit for their market.

Industry-Leading Sales Support

Our account executives build deep, lasting relationships with our customers, designing tailored solutions that align with their unique business needs.

Flexible and Diverse Products

We adopt a comprehensive approach when designing our products, balancing security with profitability and offering the best fit for funeral homes, agents and client families.

Easy, Time-Saving Enrollment

Our Online Enrollment* tool offers a professional, user-friendly way to write and submit new business, ensuring faster processing, policy issue and commission payment.

Comprehensive Training

We offer continuous training and support to help funeral professionals generate leads, manage their businesses and stay up-to-date on state CEU requirements.

Technology Innovation

In addition to resources such as the myHomesteaders® dashboard and mobile apps, we invest in Homesteaders Solutions tools including eFuneral and our customer relationship management system (CRM), EnGauge.

Homesteaders Solutions

Do More. Better.

Through best-in-class service providers, we offer everything from lead generation and text-based family follow up to appointment setting and remote preneed sales, all centered around our EnGauge CRM.

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The features listed here are a just a preview of the many reasons our funeral home customers choose to do business with us. Give us a call if you’re ready to start achieving even greater results for your funeral home — our industry-leading account executive team is ready to help you develop customized plan for success!

* Not available in in all states.