A Better Farewell®

Planning in advance helps alleviate your loved ones' emotional and financial burden.

There are many important decisions to make when planning a funeral, and each choice has the potential to help bring healing and comfort to those who matter most. By taking care of the arrangements in advance, you can give your loved ones an incredible gift: They can be confident the services truly reflect your life and how you want to be remembered.
Policy owners cited many reasons for deciding to make advance funeral plans, and over half (53%) first found out about prearranging because they knew someone who had already done it.
97% of surveyed policy owners responded that they were "completely" or "very" satisfied with their decision to plan a funeral in advance.
Over half (63%) of policy owners have recommended prearranging to one or more people or plan to recommend it to someone they know.

We're proud to offer funding that helps families experience the benefits of planning funerals in advance. To learn more and start putting your advance funeral plans in place, contact your trusted local funeral provider.