If you’ve ever planned a funeral, you know there are countless details to consider when making arrangements. By planning your own funeral in advance, you can enjoy benefits such as removing the emotional burden from your loved ones, expressing your own wishes for how you want to be remembered and relieving your family of the financial responsibility of paying for your funeral.

In 2017, Homesteaders conducted a survey of Homesteaders policy owners to learn more about their experiences with planning and funding their funerals in advance. Here are a few of the insights that this study revealed:

96% of surveyed policy owners are "completely" or "very" satisfied.

The Homesteaders survey respondents indicated very high levels of satisfaction with the decision to prearrange. Most of these policy owners (76%) reported that they were "completely" satisfied with their decision to make advance funeral plans.

Surveyed policy owners are highly likely to recommend prearranging.

Nearly all (96%) of the survey respondents would at least consider recommending prearranging. In fact, 42% of these policy owners had already recommended prearranging within a few weeks of making their own arrangements.

Most surveyed policy owners prearrange to eliminate burdens.

Respondents reported that many reasons were important to their decision to prearrange. Their top reasons included "eliminating emotional burden from kids," "eliminating financial burden from kids" and "fulfilling my responsibility."

How It Works

When you contact your funeral provider, you’ll be invited to meet with a funeral planning professional who can help guide you through the process. This expert can answer your questions and provide resources to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop a unique event to celebrate your life – planning a funeral in advance can even be a joyful experience that provides peace of mind. You may alter your advance funeral plan at a later date if you want to make changes or additions to the options you select. Contact your funeral professional, and they will help ensure that your funeral plan reflects your wishes.

Please watch our video presentation, Think of Me When®, to learn more about advance funeral planning.

Real experiences with advance funeral planning



Personally, I felt it was such an easy experience for myself, and actually it was a happy experience for me ... To me [celebrating lives well lived is] always a joyful thing, so we wanted to make sure there were certain hymns and music that we really liked that would also make people leave feeling the joy.



What made [my mom] happy is that she knew that we wouldn't have to worry about it. It was a burden that she took away from us ... There was no rush, there was no pressure. She explained everything. We talked more about my mother and her life than about death, and my mother was so happy to have done that.


Funeral Professional

I think the biggest benefit is that the customer who comes in to prearrange their funeral gets to decide and select what they want for a funeral ... I think people should prearrange because it makes financial sense, it makes emotional sense for your family and its just a good thing to do.