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Preneed Insights


[White Paper] Understanding How Inflation Impacts Preneed Crediting Rates

Funeral home owners are often concerned with crediting rates – the amount of growth that is credited each year to in-force preneed policies. That growth is a helpful guard against inflation and, in the case of guaranteed services, helps prevent at-need shortfalls.

[White Paper] Now Is Not the Time to Tap the Brakes on Preneed

Learn how your funeral home can help meet consumer needs during this time, stay connected with your communities and make it easier for families to plan with your firm.

[eBook] Preneed Motivators

Funeral professionals rely on Homesteaders’ Preneed Motivators report to learn the real reasons behind consumers’ decisions to make advance funeral plans. In the latest edition, Preneed Motivators includes new data and insights that will allow you to better serve your client families.

[White Paper] Why Do Preneed?

The Why Do Preneed white paper invites you to consider how an active preneed program might secure the financial security of your firm while simultaneously offering a service that families really want and need.

[White Paper] The Benefits of Preneed

In this white paper, you’ll get practical tips on how to effectively communicate the value of preneed. This includes tips on developing clear messaging, offering educational resources and leveraging earned media to tell your funeral home’s story.

[White Paper] Preneed Success

There are some fairly simple things you can do to achieve greater success with your preneed program. In this white paper, you'll get insights about how today's successful funeral homes are setting themselves apart and turning clients into ambassadors for their brands.

[Guide] Annual Preneed Planning Meeting

What’s the secret to developing an effective preneed strategy for your funeral home? An annual preneed sales and marketing meeting can help you determine the keys to success by evaluating performance and setting meaningful goals for the next year. Access this guide for practical information to help plan your meeting.

[Worksheet] Lead Generation

Have you identified your firm's most effective efforts to share the value of prearranging with your client families? By using this simple worksheet, you'll be better prepared to act on opportunities and get the most out of your marketing and public relations.

Funeral Home Marketing

[Templates/Guide] How to Create Video Content

Staying in contact with your community is more important than ever, and video is an engaging way to share your expertise. Access best practices, plus a library of scripts and example videos to help you get started.

[White Paper] Funeral Home Website Optimization

The insights in this white paper can help ensure your website provides the same exceptional experience you give families who walk into your funeral home.

[White Paper] Price vs. Value

Your client families will be more likely to recommend your funeral home if they feel they have received their "money's worth" - the value of the experience you provided matched or exceeded the price they paid. This white paper shares how you can earn satisfied customers through effectively communicating your firm's value.

[eBook] Funeral Home Social Media Guide

The funeral home social media manual will help you effectively reach potential client families and continue to build relationships with the community you serve.

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Digital Toolkit

Día de Muertos is an annual celebration of life and death observed by people around the world, especially in Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage. This festival takes place on November 1 and 2 to coincide with All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. As funeral professionals, you can host your own event using our digital toolkit to help families celebrate this observance and begin thinking about their own final wishes.

Grief Care Library

We teamed up with For Grief to bring you grief support options that are easy to implement within your funeral home business. We recognize that every grief journey is different, which is why we explore a variety of resources in our Grief Care Library.

Funeral Business Planning

[White Paper] Facilitating Funeral Sales During Crisis

Funeral professionals are faced with the challenge of adapting and figuring out how to function in our current environment. In this white paper, you'll get creative ideas for funeral services when face-to-face interaction must be limited, find out what consumers want when interacting with your firm online and learn how to choose solutions that meet your needs.

[White Paper] Funeral Home Succession Planning

Download the white paper for insights on how funeral home owners can plan for a smooth transition to new ownership, including how to complete a business valuation, identify future buyers, field offers and complete the sale.

[Worksheet] SWOT Analysis

As part of your long-term strategic planning for your funeral business, it's important to conduct an environmental scan to identify factors that can impact your firm's future. Download this worksheet to help you get started.

Community Programs

[Flyer] Grief and the Pandemic

Download and share this flyer, developed in collaboration with Dr. Jason Troyer, to let families know they're not alone in their grief during the pandemic.

[White Paper] Help Families Have the Talk of a Lifetime

Download our article for ideas about how to plan special events and implement the Have the Talk of a Lifetime materials at your funeral home.

[White Paper] Starting a Funeral Home Aftercare Program

In this white paper, you'll learn how your funeral home can provide aftercare that offers much-needed resources during a difficult time and helps build relationships within the community you serve.

[White Paper] How is Hospice Changing Funeral Service?

Download this white paper to get insights from Senior VP-Planning and Development Kim Medici Shelquist about how funeral service professionals can develop meaningful relationships with hospice professionals.

[Presentation Kits] Community Engagement Program

The Community Engagement Program is designed to help you plan and execute successful group presentations in your area. Get the free resources to start planning your presentations today.

Finding Resilience Resources

Finding Resilience Email Program

Sign up for weekly emails written especially for funeral professionals, which are designed to provide tips and inspiration to help prevent burnout and stay on a productive path.

Finding Resilience Guidebook

The Finding Resilience Guidebook provides valuable insights about what burnout is and how funeral professionals can prevent it, as well as other resources to help you find joy in the important work you do.

Finding Resilience Journal

For many people, journaling is a helpful way to reduce stress. Request a free copy of the pocket-size Finding Resilience journal for writing prompts and a handy place to record your thoughts.