I’m using another pre-need funding company. Can I also use Homesteaders for some of my policies?

Yes – contact your account executive for more information.

Does Homesteaders have a Child/Grandchild Rider?

Yes, in select states. Homesteaders' Child/Grandchild Rider provides insurance protection to the primary insured's eligible children and grandchildren while the base insurance policy is in full force and effect.

Does Homesteaders offer a trust product?

Yes, in select states. The Homesteaders Assurance Trust® program allows funeral homes (in states where available) to place the consumers’ payment in a trust, which provides growth and security to ensure the consumer and the funeral home are protected in the short and long-term.

Is Homesteaders’ funding safe?

Yes! For more than a century, Homesteaders has provided safe, secure insurance funding for advance funeral plans and end-of-life expenses. We exist as a company to pay your claims, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our financial performance has been recognized by independent rating agencies such as A.M. Best Company.

I’m concerned about shortfalls. How does Homesteaders help protect my firm?

Homesteaders offers a unique shortfall protection product option in most states: Security Option Plus. This exclusive product feature increases the initial face amount of the insurance policy, which provides additional protection for your client families and your funeral home.

Does Homesteaders offer a casket price protection program?

Yes. Homesteaders is proud to provide casket price protection programs that help reduce your costs while maintaining integrity in your promise to families.

Does Homesteaders offer marketing materials and support?

Yes. Homesteaders is constantly adding to our library of funeral home marketing resources, from direct mail campaigns and advertising materials to complete community presentation programs and aftercare resources. We can help you select materials that meet your funeral business needs.

What does “Instant Claims” mean?

Homesteaders created an Instant Claims draft designed to save time for you and your client families. Contact your account executive for more information.

How can Homesteaders help me grow my business?

Homesteaders provides extensive resources and support to help funeral home owners increase their market share and ensure long-term success. Your account executive can help you meet your goals by providing customized resources and solutions for your firm’s needs. In addition, we’re proud to partner with the nation’s top-producing funeral home marketing organizations.

I don’t have an insurance license. Does Homesteaders offer an option for me?

Yes, in select states. The Homesteaders Assurance Trust® program allows funeral homes (in states where available) to take advantage of the benefits of safe, secure Homesteaders funding without the need for an insurance license. We can also help you learn more about licensing requirements and resources in your state.

What agent incentive programs does Homesteaders offer?

In addition to excellent compensation, Homesteaders agents have the opportunity to qualify for incentive trips. We’re also committed to providing top-quality continuing education and special training events.

Who can I contact if I have a question about my Homesteaders business?

Your Homesteaders account executive is a great resource for information about doing business with Homesteaders, and our customer service team is also available to assist you.

How will Homesteaders keep me informed about my pre-need block of business?

In addition to working with your account executive and our customer service team, you can learn more about your pre-need business through the myHomesteaders® business services portal. This online tool gives you the ability to view up-to-date performance information, as well as in-depth reports that provide detailed insights on your block of business. It also gives you access to online learning modules about a variety of topics within our eUniversity section.

How do I update my funeral home contact information?

We’ve made it simple to request funeral home contact information changes online. Log into myHomesteaders® using your funeral home login information, and click on “Dashboard,” then “Funeral Home Dashboard.” Under your current contact information, you’ll see an “Update Contact Information” link, which opens up a dialogue box where you can enter and submit your changes.

Do you provide funeral director continuing education?

Yes, we offer both onsite and online continuing education opportunities for funeral directors and insurance professionals. These courses can help keep you up-to-date on industry information and satisfy your continuing education requirements.

Ready for the next step?

Because every funeral home experiences unique opportunities and challenges, Homesteaders account executives are here to provide individualized attention. We have the expertise and resources to help you grow your business and serve the needs of your community.