Lessons from Stories That Stick by NFDA Keynote Speaker Kindra Hall

Businesses, brands, marketing teams and leaders at all levels are desperately trying to capture attention and resonate with consumers who expect more. Is there a secret weapon? A silver bullet to humanize and connect?

Award-winning author and storytelling expert Kindra Hall says “Yes.” The answer is strategic storytelling.

Homesteaders Life Company was a proud sponsor of the opening keynote speaker at the 2022 NFDA International Convention and Expo. Hall spoke at the opening of the general session at 9:45 a.m. in a keynote titled “Stories that Stick: The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling.”

Through compelling research, profound case studies and captivating stories of her own, Hall revealed the psychology behind strategic storytelling and demonstrated how to fully take advantage of it. 

 The Marketing and Communications team at Homesteaders recently read Hall’s New York Times best seller, Stories That Stick. The team collaborated to share the best takeaways for funeral professionals. You can read the full review here, but below are the highlights that can transform storytelling for funeral professionals.

Why should funeral professionals read this book?

If you are struggling to close a gap in your firm's performance, storytelling can help. Storytelling closes the gap between what you have and what you want. And Kindra Hall provides an easy-to-follow framework to help you identify the types of stories you can and should tell to help your firm become the one families choose.

Why is storytelling important to funeral homes?

Funeral homes are integral to communities, and each community has unique stories to tell that knit the fabric of their culture. Being true to your own story will solidify your place within that culture and help you maintain strong relationships with your client families. Hall has tips on how to help you find your story, whether it is focused on your origin, your value offering or your place within your surrounding community.

What could a funeral professional take away from this book?

Funerals are made up of stories about the loved one that family and friends gather to remember. Stories are part of the healing process that occurs through our grief. Funeral professionals can help families tell these stories by the details that occur with every service. When a director is meeting with a family, they often learn a lot about the person who has passed. Finding creative ways to remember loved ones through the stories we hear can set funeral professionals apart from others in the business.

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