What’s New in Continuing Education

In funeral service, each day can bring new opportunities to serve client families. You’re constantly adapting to anticipate and meet their needs, which means you must have a strong background in industry trends and best practices.

Continuing education can provide that background and much more. A high-quality learning experience can help you:

  • Get business ideas based on the latest techniques and research.
  • Learn from expert instructors and your peers in the profession.
  • Gain practical insights you can apply to your daily work.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Discover new ways to connect with your client families.

Homesteaders continuously evolves our continuing education program to provide relevant opportunities that help professionals fulfill state licensing requirements while participating in valuable training. Hundreds of funeral professionals attend our on-site continuing education each year, which is hosted at numerous locations across the country.

“Every lead presenter at our continuing education courses has a background in the funeral profession, and we’re able to bring practical examples to the training,” said Homesteaders Director-Field Training and Development Wanda Sizemore. “One of the greatest compliments we receive from participants is that the training is applicable and beneficial to their businesses.”

We introduced some exciting changes to the format of our 2020 continuing education program. Most course locations will host a morning session and an afternoon session on each day of training. These three-hour classes offer even more flexibility to fit your schedule, learning goals and CE credit needs.

Sizemore noted the latest courses have been updated to address frequently asked questions, training requests and current events in the funeral profession. Each topic was selected to help participants achieve specific learning objectives.

This year’s courses for funeral professionals (available at most Homesteaders continuing education locations) include:

  • A Standard for Ethics: Participants learn about several factors that can influence a code of ethics for personal and professional decision-making.
  • Life Insurance Policy Proceeds: This course provides an in-depth look at how proceeds are paid once a claim is made, including different scenarios for distribution of proceeds.
  • Funding Funerals in Advance with Insurance: Participants discover the history of planning funerals in advance and learn about funding options.
  • Expectations of the Preneed Consumer: This course offers insights about working with today’s preneed clients to provide information that meets their needs.

We’re continuing to explore new topics and even better opportunities to facilitate training for funeral professionals through our continuing education program. To learn more about this year’s courses and sign up, visit the continuing education schedule page.

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