Grief and the Pandemic

Download and share this flyer to let families know they're not alone in their grief during the pandemic.

Grief and the Pandemic Flyer

We know that serving families in your community is your #1 priority. That’s why we want to help you let families know they’re not alone in their grief during the pandemic.

Restrictions around gathering have created challenges for families who lost a loved one during that time. Those who were unable to celebrate a loved one’s life may be feeling more intense or difficult feelings of grief.

In collaboration with Dr. Jason Troyer, PhD, Homesteaders has created Grief and the Pandemic, a flyer dedicated to providing families who may not have experienced a “normal” funeral service with guidance on how to manage their grief and when to seek help.

Complete the form to download and begin using this flyer to help families. Homesteaders customers may also order printed versions in the Marketing Order System, located in your myHomesteaders® dashboard (search for “M2069”).

Download the Flyer