Learn about burnout and discover strategies to help prevent it.

Funeral professionals experience unique challenges in your day-to-day responsibilities, which is why we’ve developed this Finding Resilience guidebook as a resource to help support you and the important work you do to serve families.

Inside, you’ll get practical information to help you:

  • Understand burnout and how it can affect funeral professionals
  • Learn about compassion fatigue in the funeral profession
  • Find solutions for managing stress and challenging situations

The guidebook also includes prompts for self-reflection that can help you identify ways to stay on a productive path. Plus, you’ll get insights from funeral professionals who have experienced burnout and discover their strategies for achieving balance.

Get a free digital copy of the guidebook now.

The information provided through this program is not intended to replace information from a mental health or medical professional. The reader should consult an appropriate professional in matters related to his or her physical and emotional health.