Healing Field of Central Iowa

This inspiring memorial was presented September 9–16, 2006 by Homesteaders Life Company.

In 2006, 2,998 American flags were placed at Homesteaders Life Company’s campus in West Des Moines, Iowa, transforming it into the Healing Field of Central Iowa. This inspiring memorial to the victims of September 11, 2001 was visited by more than 30,000 people including guests from many U.S. states and several countries.

The event, which coincided with Homesteaders' centennial, raised in excess of $110,000 to be distributed between Hospice of Central Iowa (now known as EveryStep) to help ensure peace of mind for patients and families who are on the end-of-life journey and to the Funeral Service Foundation in support of funeral service and allied professionals.

Visitor Experiences

  • It was an amazing miracle to see the field grow in love and color. Each day was filled with tears of healing. Veterans came to cry and heal, spouses came to remember and honor, grandparents brought their grandchildren to educate.
    Sara Y.
  • My heart was touched to see (and hear) all of the beautiful flags flying at the Healing Field. Even the huge semi trucks which drove by during the opening ceremony, passed in respectful silence to show support. I’ve gone out to the field several times to take pictures and heard the truckers honking and giving the 'thumbs-up' to the members of the VFW or American Legion who are guarding the field 24/7. God Bless America and every person who protects me, and my freedom.
    Mary Ann S.
  • My two-year-old daughter and I visited the Healing Field today. Words cannot express what it was like to see thousands of American flags waving in the breeze and reading the names of those who have given their lives so we can have freedom.
    Karla F.