Loose Funeral Home

Employees of Loose Funeral Home.Rob Loose has high expectations for his preneed program – and for its role in the future of his Anderson, Indiana funeral home’s business. To help ensure success, he partnered with Independent Funeral Planning Alliance (IFPA), a Homesteaders-affiliated marketing organization.

“The business has changed so much, so we have to be proactive,” Loose said. “With the partnership we have with IFPA and Homesteaders, we’ve been very successful in doing that.”

IFPA’s approach is tailored to meet the needs of each funeral home owner. Firms that work with the marketing organization benefit from their signature relationship marketing program.

“Our unique relationship marketing database helps firms build a strong foundation for any prospects they’ve touched over the years,” said Doug Hoog, IFPA Regional Partner. “We’re able to help keep the funeral home’s name in front of these contacts, and it pays off.”

Loose described the partnership between his firm, IFPA and Homesteaders as a “perfect marriage” that helps them keep their preneed program moving forward.

“We have worked with other companies in the past, but I think Homesteaders is the very best,” he added. “They have programs and partnerships that help us secure future business.”

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