Hogan Bremer Moore Colonial Chapel

Hogan Bremer Moore Colonial ChapelThe old saying that ‘good things come to those who wait’ does not apply to Dave Moore’s approach to success for his Mason City, Iowa funeral home. By partnering with Homesteaders-affiliated marketing organization PreNeed Systems, Moore has been able to serve more families and grow his preneed program.

“When I began working with PreNeed Systems and learned about their approach, they showed me definitive results,” Moore said. PreNeed Systems works side by side with funeral home owners to develop individualized plans for success. Owners who use the marketing organization’s proprietary contact management system also benefit from the support and expertise of a preneed administrator.

PreNeed Systems’ Vice President of Sales Lori Crabb said, “We ask funeral home owners to look at it this way: It’s an addition to their staff in building their preneed block of business. Our administrators are experts at finding different ways to market preneed, from direct mail to aftercare.”

Choosing experienced preneed partners was vital for Moore, who said his preneed and at-need business have equally important roles in his firm’s continued success.

“Homesteaders has been very supportive, and I’ve found their staff to be dedicated and helpful,” he said. “The fact that Homesteaders has been around for more than a century speaks volumes.”

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