Mt. Carmel Funeral Home

Employees of Mt. Carmel Funeral Home.“You have to develop a strong preneed program to stay competitive. We are able to achieve success by partnering with Homesteaders and PreNeed Systems.”

Several years ago, Jaime Martinez wasn’t achieving much success with his preneed sales at Mt. Carmel Funeral Home in El Paso, TX. When he joined Homesteaders and began working with PreNeed Systems for marketing, he saw an immediate increase in the effectiveness of his program. “Our success is not a mistake,” Martinez affirmed. “We aren’t just sitting in our funeral homes waiting for people to come to us. We’re out educating the community about the importance of preneed.”

Martinez appreciates the affordability of Homesteaders’ funding options as well as PreNeed Systems’ commitment to his client families. “One of the things that’s very important to us is to make sure we take care of the families who come through our funeral home,” Martinez reflected. “What PreNeed Systems has done for Mt. Carmel is put seasoned, professional sales counselors here who are not only out to sell a product, but who truly care about the families we’re serving.”

Mike Iles, General Manager-Southern Region at PreNeed Systems, credits the highly-trained preneed staff with much of the firm’s success. “They are experienced, they are dedicated and they are knowledgeable,” he explained. “They arrived knowing what to do.”

In just three years of partnering with Homesteaders and Preneed Systems, Mt. Carmel has grown from an average of $1.5 million in preneed sales per year to over $3.5 million. “That’s an additional two million dollars in sales per year,” Martinez emphasized. “And it continues to grow.”

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