Finding Resilience

Burnout prevention and productivity resources for funeral professionals.


Funeral professionals’ work is often rewarding but can come with unique challenges and stressors. Homesteaders has collaborated with Dr. Jason Troyer to create a suite of resources unique to funeral professionals, designed to help you cope with difficult situations and find joy in the important work you do to serve your community.

About Dr. Troyer jason-troyer

Dr. Jason Troyer is a former psychology professor and counselor, grief researcher, speaker and consultant for businesses that want to improve how they serve grieving families. He offers community presentations, professional workshops and training on behalf of funeral homes and cemeteries.

Throughout Dr. Troyer's career, many funeral professionals share their concerns with him regarding burnout and compassion fatigue. Dr. Troyer collaborated with Homesteaders to develop specific resources to combat these concerns and aid funeral professionals with the right tools to achieve a better work-life balance. 

Featured Resources

Burnout Prevention Guidebook

The Finding Resilience guidebook can help you understand burnout and find solutions to manage stress and challenging situations.

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Journal for Funeral Professionals

This free pocket-sized journal includes inspirational quotes and writing prompts to help you reflect and reduce stress.

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Grief and the Pandemic

This flyer provides families who may not have experienced a “normal” funeral service with guidance on how to manage grief and seek help.

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Practical Habits for Preventing Burnout

Morning Mindset

Discover Dr. Troyer’s six-step process for creating a better way to start your day, improve productivity and reduce stress.

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Positive Changes

Explore Dr. Troyer’s steps for positive changes – a process to help you stay on a productive path when starting a new activity or habit.

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Video Series for Funeral Professionals

Ask Dr. Troyer

In this video series, Dr. Troyer answers common questions from funeral professionals – from sharing the workload with coworkers to managing family business concerns.

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Ask Dr. Troyer

Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

Dr. Troyer’s Productivity Tips video series covers tips for maintaining productivity, improving communication and practicing positive habits.

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