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Building stronger connections through exceptional experiences.

What if the number of families you serve grew exponentially every year?

Building meaningful connections with client families is critical to the growth and sustainability of any successful funeral business. To achieve this, your business needs the best-in-class solutions to create awareness and drive engagement around funeral planning.

Homesteaders Solutions can provide you with integrated services to help you create and manage exceptional customer experiences, increase family satisfaction and grow preneed and at-need market share.

How does it work?

Homesteaders Solutions offers a carefully curated mix of marketing and operational support to help you serve more families than ever before. Through best-in-class service providers, we offer everything from lead generation and text-based family follow up to appointment setting and remote preneed sales, all centered around a robust customer relationship management system (CRM).

As a Homesteaders Solutions customer, you can choose from several tiers of service, to ensure the best fit for your market and your business. Each solution is tailored to your firm and backed by data-driven testing.

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Solutions that build connections.

Homesteaders Solutions works around the clock to connect you with more families, offering the support you and your staff need to provide exceptional experiences and convert new customers. Our suite of services helps you:


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Increase preneed appointment volume and sales across all lead sources.

Business professionals

Offload transactional work, freeing up time for your staff to serve families.

Online Review

Secure brand loyalty and attract new families through online review management.

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Expand brand awareness and increase at-need market share.


Meet post-service needs through thoughtful family follow-up.

Online reviews

Increase customer satisfaction through free, online grief support.

What are the results?

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The eFuneral online sales tool has generated more than $5.5 million in funeral sales.1

Couple in front of house

Partner funeral homes have used eFuneral to reach more than 31,000 families.2

Customer Review

The average partner funeral home earns 16 five-star reviews within the first week with Domani.3


97% of Domani’s partner funeral homes are ranked #1 in their market on Google.4


Phone with Text Messages

98% of text messages are read within 90 seconds of being sent.5


Domani sets an average of 22 preneed appointments for partner funeral homes every month.6

About eFuneral

eFuneral is a breakout digital solutions company that helps funeral homes maximize market share through optimized online sales. The Des Moines, IA, based technology outfit is a subsidiary of Homesteaders Life Company.

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About the Domani Group

The Domani Group provides funeral homes with the highest-quality aftercare and preneed programs in the profession. They are also the leader in generating Google reviews for funeral homes to improve visibility and grow at-need case volume. 

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1eFuneral internal data as of November 2020

2eFuneral internal data as of November 2020

3Domani Group internal data as of October 2018

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5Adobe Campaign Management Report

6Domani Group internal data as of July 2020