Starting a Funeral Home Aftercare Program

Download the white paper and get tips for creating an aftercare program that meets the needs of your community.

Starting a Funeral Home Aftercare Program White Paper

A family’s experience with your funeral home doesn’t end after the funeral, and neither does their need for grief support. Your funeral home can serve an important role by providing aftercare that offers much-needed resources during a difficult time and helps build relationships within the community you serve.

In this white paper, you’ll get insights on how to:

  • Identify where gaps in aftercare resources exist in your community.
  • Establish a team responsible for the day-to-day success of your aftercare efforts.
  • Determine how to measure the program's success.
  • Plan a way to gather feedback from the people you serve.
  • Stay connected with client families and others who may benefit from your resources.

Download the White Paper