Wages and Sons Funeral Homes, Inc.

Employees of Wages and Sons Funeral Homes, Inc.Jeffrey Wages, President of Wages and Sons Funeral Homes, Inc., in Lawrenceville, GA, once believed his preneed program was as successful as it could reasonably be. However, after partnering with Homesteaders and Preneed Funeral Program (PFP), he found the tools and expertise he needed to grow his program sevenfold.

Wages wholeheartedly endorses an active approach to preneed, crediting much of their business’s success to preneed growth. “We have watched the preneed program grow our market share by about 15% over the last few years,” Wages observed. “That is a testament to the ad campaign and the program that Quinn and his team bring to the table.”

“It’s all got to be the right recipe and the right formula to make sure it works,” explained PFP President Quinn Eagan. “When we first started working together, Wages and Sons was doing about $300,000 in preneed. This year, they’re on target to surpass $1.7 million.”

For Wages, having a marketing partner that is focused solely on his business’s growth is a great complement to the customer service and long-term security provided by Homesteaders. “I always think of Homesteaders as an extension of our family business,” he reflected. “From the top management all the way down to the staff who issue our policies, Homesteaders is concerned about what’s important to the funeral home, and, at the end of the day, our families are better served.”

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