Aftercare Resources for Funeral Professionals

Discover why a robust aftercare program is crucial for funeral homes and what steps you can take to get started.



What Aftercare Is and Why It's Important

A family's experience with your funeral home doesn't end immediately after the funeral, and neither does their potential need for grief support. Your firm can serve an important role in this capacity, providing aftercare that offers much-need resources during difficult times and helps extend relationships within the community you serve. 

Successful funeral professionals recognize that the funeral service is not the end. Your relationship with families begins when you start the planning process and extends beyond the conclusion of the memorial and burial services. For some families, this relationship may only last a few weeks, while others may benefit from aftercare for months or even years. Providing support during this critical time can endear families to your firm and help grow your funeral home business. Here are just a few ways that a strong aftercare program can benefit your firm while offering remarkable service to your client families.

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Keep reading to discover how your firm can start an aftercare program, generate new aftercare ideas to enhance your current offerings and find additional grief support resources to share with client families, or use the quick links above to jump to the sections that interest you.




How to Start an Aftercare Program

Knowing how to start an aftercare program and which services your firm should offer can be difficult. Here are a few resources to help you understand why your firm should offer aftercare and tips for getting started.

A person folding their hands while leaning on a railing and staring at nature.
What Funeral Professionals Should Know About Grieving Families

By understanding the unique needs of people who have experienced a loss, funeral professionals can be equipped to ensure their client families get the aftercare support they need during this difficult time. Discover several common side effects of grief and what funeral professionals need to know to better serve families through their interactions and aftercare resources.

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Two professionals collaborating at a desk while using their laptops and a notebook.
How to Start a Funeral Home Aftercare

If your funeral home does not have an aftercare program (or if it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated your current aftercare offerings), learn what steps you can take to create a program that meets the needs of local families and your firm, from establishing a team and researching community needs to assigning roles and asking for feedback.

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Aftercare Ideas for Your Funeral Home


Simple Aftercare Ideas That Make A Difference
Simple Aftercare Ideas That Make a Difference

A thoughtful aftercare program can equip you to care for your community in new and different ways, build your brand and help you remain top of mind when families need a funeral provider. 

Here are a few simple and creative ideas to complement your existing program while helping you stand out from other providers in your area.

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How Text-Based Aftercare Can Transform Your Aftercare Services

When was the last time you didn’t read a text message?

Discover how our text-based aftercare can help you provide better customer service and support to families immediately following their loved one’s service and transform your aftercare program.

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Real Stories of Text-Based

Texting has proven to be one of the most efficient and effective methods of communication in the modern world. Discover three case studies of real funeral home customers who utilized our text-based aftercare program.


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Aftercare Ideas for the Holidays


A bouquet of white lilies.
How to Recognize Loved Ones During Non-Memorial Holidays 

You may often be overlooking the value and importance of providing a chance to remember loved ones on non-memorial specific holidays and milestones throughout the year. Check out this list of commonly celebrated holidays and discover ideas for how to provide opportunities for your families to remember and recognize the lives of their loved ones throughout the year.

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Two yellow candles burning while surrounded by gold glittery ornaments and ribbon.
Meaningful Holiday Memorial Service Ideas

Many of your client families may be approaching their first holiday without their loved one. Hosting a holiday memorial service at your funeral home offers a meaningful way to reconnect with these families and provide the emotional space necessary to remember their loved ones. Keep in mind these ideas to help make your event successful.

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A pile of Valentine's Day heart candies.
Remembering a Loved One on Valentine’s Day 

Many people forget about the mid-February day dedicated to love and romance. While many resources focus on remembering and honoring loved ones during major holidays, Valentine’s Day can be just as emotional for families. Discover five ideas you can share with client families that could help them remember a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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A field of orange tulips.
How to Help Families Who Are Grieving on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be hard for anyone who has lost a mother or mother figure in their life, especially if this year may be their first Mother’s Day without her. To help your client families who find themselves in this situation, here are a few ways you can serve them and help them remember their loved one this Mother’s Day.

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An American flag and bouquet of flowers on a headstone at Arlington National Cemetery.
How Your Funeral Home Can Help Families Observe Memorial Day 

Memorial Day is observed nationwide — a single day of the year when businesses close, schools shut down and we collectively remember and honor the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers. to offer additional support to their communities. Here are a few ways you can help families observe Memorial Day.

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A person looking at an old photo of their deceased father.
7 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day without Dad 

Each year as we approach Father's Day, it’s important to remember the fathers and grandfathers who have passed away. Whether it was recent or several years ago, client families can still be grieving in their own, unique ways. Here are seven ways to help them celebrate Father’s Day without their Dad.

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Grief Support Resources


A stack of books.
10 Grief Support Resources for Your Funeral Home Library

It’s important for funeral professionals to offer a variety of grief support resources to help individuals through the most difficult times in their lives. Learn why doing so can be valuable to your client families and community members.

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A husband comforting his wife in a hug.
How Funeral Professionals Can Support Families That Have Lost a Child

Losing a child is one of the most painful experiences a family can endure. Discover the invaluable ways funeral professionals can help grieving parents and family members during the most difficult days of their lives.

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A father comforting his daughter who is experiencing grief.
Enhance Your Aftercare with These Grief Resources for Children

Children deal with death and grief in different ways. Here are several tips and grief resources that funeral professionals can share with their client families to help children navigate the loss of a loved one.

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A person holding a blue pet collar and blue retractable leash in their hands.
Why Funeral Homes Need to Offer Pet Loss Grief Support

If you want your funeral home to be able to meet all the needs of your client families, you might want to consider offering pet loss grief support to respond to the growing number of owners who want to commemorate and remember their pets. Even if your funeral home does not offer disposition services for pets, your client families can still benefit from aftercare services.

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5 Pet Memorial Ideas – Tips for Client Families
5 Pet Memorial Ideas: Tips for Your Client Families

Pets are more than just animals — they quickly become your best friends. When their time comes, it can be difficult to say goodbye to pets and can feel like losing a family member. The grieving process applies to any type of death, pets included. Here are five pet memorial ideas funeral professionals can share with their client families to remember their furry loved ones.

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Integrating Fitness-Related Grief Support Into Funeral Home Aftercare 

Many psychologists have studied the benefits of fitness-related grief support. Exercise helps the brain process pain and keeps the body active, which can counteract many of the physical and emotional side effects of grief. Consider the following benefits of integrating fitness-related grief support into your funeral home’s aftercare offerings.

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