5 Grief Resources for Funeral Professionals

You have heard and said this phrase a thousand times: Everyone grieves differently. So, how do you provide support when every single grieving person has a different experience? We know you’re busy with the day-to-day operations, but we understand the value of staying connected to your client families.

Below we have highlighted a few resources (many which are free) that you can easily implement in your funeral home or supply to your client families.

ForGrief.comFor Grief logo

For Grief is a platform that was created to provide resources, support and information to help the grieving begin the healing process.

This would be a great “first stop” to send your client families who are in need of grief support. The digital resources are on-demand, so they can fit into anyone’s schedule. There are also resources for established support groups including a growing Facebook group.

Host Support Groups

If your families are looking for in-person support, you can use your building space to host a support group for client families in your area.

For Grief has worked with grief experts to produce informative Grief Chat videos on various topics. These videos are on YouTube right now so you and your client families can watch them any time. You could host a watch party with your client families. We have even written some discussion questions for select videos that you can access in our Grief Care Library.

You can also work with For Grief to hire a grief expert to speak at your funeral home through their robust Speakers Bureau.

Create a Library

Grief books provide a tangible resource for a grieving individual. They offer insights from experts, personal narratives and coping strategies. By offering these books, you are extending your support beyond your immediate services.

You could create a library of general grief support books at your funeral home and invite families to donate books when they are done reading them. We have curated a list of options here to get you started, and ForGrief.com maintains a Grief Support Bookshop. They have sourced the best books from the top experts, some of whom are even part of their Speakers Bureau!

Journalingreflection journal

Journaling can be a powerful and therapeutic tool for navigating the complexities of grief. Journaling provides a safe space to express raw feelings, memories and reflections, allowing individuals to process their grief at their own pace. The act of putting thoughts onto paper can bring a sense of clarity and release, helping to make sense of the many emotions associated with loss.

We have created printable journal sheets that even come with writing prompts in our Grief Care Library. You can print copies to have on hand at your funeral home or send digital copies to your client families.

Encourage Self-Care

There are many ways you can connect with your community and promote self-care. One example is to host a fitness class, like yoga, at your funeral home. This connects your funeral home with the community, provides a space for the grieving and promotes self-care. It’s a win for everyone involved. You can get creative and host a football game watch party or a car show in your parking lot.

By fostering an environment that values and encourages self-care, funeral homes contribute not only to the immediate support of their clients but also to their long-term healing journey.

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