Efficiency Tips for Busy Funeral Professionals

When faced with frequently changing circumstances, flexibility and patience are the keys to remaining productive. It’s important to take time to reflect on the things that can help us be more efficient so that when unanticipated scenarios do occur, we’re better prepared to handle them. Here are a few ways to cross more items off your “to-do” list, keep tasks running smoothly and stay focused on your funeral business's long-term success.

1. Set reminders.

Setting simple automatic reminders can help you keep track of the many tasks that need to be completed to serve families throughout the day. Automatic reminders can also help you monitor and manage long-term goals, and there are many ways to customize these reminders through your phone, calendar or other methods that work for your communication preferences.

2. Choose communication methods wisely.

While many communications can be managed through texts and emails, some situations can be resolved more quickly through a phone call or video chat that ensures all staff members understand the situation and what is expected of them. This can save some back-and-forth messages asking for clarification. When working with families, be sure to ask about their communication preferences so your staff is able to easily contact them.

3. Document funeral home procedures.

Many professionals have tasks they just know how to complete. But what happens if a significant amount of time passes before you need to tackle that task again or if you need to have someone else needs to fill in for you when you’re too busy to complete it? The result is often wasted time, or worse, errors and missed details. Be sure to document important procedures to make it easier the next time an unexpected situation occurs.

4. Designate backups.

Beyond documenting the procedures, it’s important to know who is responsible for completing certain tasks when the person who typically completes them is unavailable. Be sure to cross-train the backup funeral home staff members on programs and processes so they’re ready to get started whenever they’re needed.

5. Make time for planning.

During busy times, it can seem difficult to justify time spent on strategic planning for your funeral business. But intentionally setting aside time each week – and sticking with it – can help you focus on plans that will help you operate more efficiently and effectively. Need ideas to help you focus your planning efforts? Our recent blog post includes steps your firm can take to better serve client families in the year ahead and beyond.

Finding ways to make your daily routine and your business operations more efficient will free up time for you to build stronger connections with your community. Our new suite of marketing and operational support, Homesteaders Solutions, can amplify those efficiencies to help you serve more families than ever before. Visit the Homesteaders Solutions page to learn more.

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