Focus Areas for Your Funeral Home’s Future

As we start the year, firms continue to adapt and innovate to meet the needs of client families, finding new ways to provide exceptional care in spite of constantly changing circumstances. It’s a good time to take stock of potential opportunities that help your firm successfully serve your community long into the future.

Here are a few focus areas to consider for your funeral home. For each of these, take note of how they may improve your business operations and provide a better experience for your client families.

1. Reaching New Potential Clients

Building brand awareness and customer loyalty are certainly not new goals for funeral professionals, but the opportunities for improving in these areas continue to evolve. Firms have adjusted to ensure they’re able to safely share their expertise with potential client families through efforts such as virtual presentations.

Connecting with your community will be most effective when you start with a strong understanding of what families really want. Market research is an important foundation for implementing a strategy that will help you grow your business. That’s why the Homesteaders Solutions approach begins with a comprehensive needs analysis, offering insights about a firm's unique service area and surfacing more productive methods of reaching families.

2. Advancing Customer Experience

How your client families interact with your firm is also rapidly changing. Many funeral professionals already excel at providing an excellent experience and creative service options no matter what the circumstances.

In addition to adaptability, ensuring your client families’ satisfaction also requires that you have the right tools in place. As consumers increasingly embrace technology, both out of necessity and due to their own shifting preferences, forward-thinking firms are implementing innovative resources such as the online sales platform eFuneral to meet client families’ needs now and into the future.

3. Building Stronger Connections

Funeral professionals are skilled at bringing people together during difficult times, and the past year has certainly brought those qualities to the forefront. Consider how your firm will continue to nurture those relationships with the families you serve.

Establishing and strengthening connections means you need to reach clients through the means of communication they prefer. According to insights published in the Adobe Campaign Report, 98% of text messages are read within 90 seconds of being sent. Firms are implementing this compelling method to reach their client families through Domanicare text message aftercare programs that deliver personal and engaging messages. This allows firms to offer support during times when families need it most, with content that demonstrates continued care after the services are complete.

4. Earning Recommendations

In his bestselling book Start with Why, noted author and 2020 NFDA convention keynote speaker Simon Sinek explains: “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” While there are many creative methods to share your firm’s story – why you do what you do – one of the most compelling ways for potential clients to learn about your business is through the stories of the families you’ve served.

Consider how you can help your clients share their stories in ways that resonate with more people who want to learn about what you provide. Through best-in-class service provider The Domani Group, Homesteaders Solutions can help you earn more positive reviews for your firm’s top-quality care.

There are many opportunities to improve as we start the new year, and these are just a few of them. Stay tuned for more details about exciting ways to learn, network and grow your business. To find out about the latest tools and strategies for your business now, visit the Homesteaders Solutions website page.

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