Essential Traits That Improve Your Funeral Home Marketing

It’s a goal that every firm should strive to achieve: Becoming the first name mentioned when a person in their community is asked to list funeral homes in their area. A firm that can secure its place as the top choice for consumers is able to demonstrate value through exceptional service and effective marketing efforts, both of which support word-of-mouth referrals.

So how can you prevent the messages you communicate from becoming just more “noise” in an already crowded marketing landscape? Here are a few essential elements that earn attention from potential client families – and encourage them to consider your firm when they need your services.


Funeral homes have a story that matters – a story about how funeral service offers value to people who experience the loss of a loved one. Instead of focusing on who you are, explain what you can provide to client families and how it makes a difference in the lives of the people you serve. This is why you’ll encounter many websites that display a link to a “What We Do” page: People are more likely to engage with information about what you can do for them than about what you’ve done. That doesn’t mean your expertise and history aren’t important parts of your value, but these messages should be interwoven with a larger story about the experience you can provide to client families.


People value authenticity in the organizations they choose to do business with. In this area, funeral professionals have an advantage because you are offering a local service and are already deeply integrated in your community. You have strong ties to people who can benefit from your services, whether you have served them in the past or they have been exposed to your community outreach activities. One of the most compelling ways to communicate your story is to have your brand advocates tell it for you. Provide platforms that allow them to share their experiences through testimonials and reviews.


You know your services are valuable. But do your messages speak to the needs of the people who hear them? And are the channels you use to communicate with those people the appropriate ones to reach them? It’s no accident that, more and more often, marketing messages appear in the right place at the right time and seem to address your specific needs. Organizations are becoming more adept at conducting market research that helps them craft effective messaging, and then implementing that messaging in ways that match how their most likely buyers prefer to consume content.


In addition to ensuring your marketing messages are relevant, market research can also help you identify and communicate traits that differentiate you from your competitors. Understanding the characteristics your community associates with your firm (and others in your service area) can help you ensure families understand how you are different. Focus your brand story on unique elements that appeal to today’s consumers, who have demonstrated they make decisions not just on price, but on the perceived value of a product or service.

As you consider the traits of effective funeral home marketing messages, remember that the most compelling stories are the ones others tell on your behalf. When you give loyal clients the tools they need to recommend your firm, you’ll gain credibility you just can’t match through other channels.

Ready to learn more about market research and other marketing resources to help you share your story in meaningful ways? Contact your Homesteaders account executive to discuss custom solutions for your funeral home.


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