How to Adapt Your Funeral Home Website During Times of Crisis

While in-person support and service are limited, your funeral home’s online presence has never been more important. You have an opportunity to provide comfort and high-quality service through your funeral home website, turning it into a hub for families who need answers about what to expect for funeral services.

One of the advantages of our increasingly digital world is the speed with which we’re able to adapt to meet challenges. Here are a few of the ways funeral homes are successfully updating and leveraging their websites to meet the needs of their communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Address the Situation.

In order to build trust with families, they need to know you understand what’s on their minds. Many families who have lost a loved one have additional worries and stress related to the restrictions and lifestyle changes we’re all experiencing. By including information about how your firm is approaching the situation in a prominent place on your website, you can quickly address their questions and concerns while demonstrating that your firm is there to help.

The most effective funeral home website content I’ve seen related to the coronavirus pandemic is written as a personal note from the funeral home owner and/or staff. Some websites implement a popup message that includes the content, while others feature it as a link in a highly visible location near the top of the page. Although the content varies somewhat, these messages typically include:

  • A statement affirming the funeral home’s values and commitment to serving families, while acknowledging the difficulty of the situation.
  • A brief explanation of the solutions the firm is offering to help families remember and honor their loved ones while observing physical distancing requirements (such as video streaming options), as well as the precautions being taken to protect staff members and families.
  • More information for families, such as more details about the available service options that adhere to the current guidelines and resources for those affected by the pandemic.
  • A closing sentence or two that reaffirms support for families.

Families certainly need to be informed about the guidelines and regulations that are necessary during the pandemic, and many of them also need reassurance. You might consider creating a video message that includes some of the points noted above, which may offer additional comfort and a point of personal connection with you.

Provide Connections to Resources.

As we grapple with difficult news about the coronavirus pandemic, funeral professionals have approached the challenges by developing creative ways to help families honor loved ones. Many communities have also stepped up to help one another and provide additional support to first responders and others who have been disproportionately impacted by the crisis. You can help families by providing links to resources that are available to address urgent needs in the community.

For some families, the coronavirus pandemic has also impacted their access to grief support resources. Consider updating your website content to provide links to online grief support resources, and, if applicable, information about how local grief support resources are adapting to continue serving the community.

One of the simplest ways to help is to provide assurance that the staff is still available to answer questions and support by phone any time. This alone can be surprisingly impactful and comforting to families.

Make Things Easier for Families.

Everyone wants processes and solutions that are as easy as possible during times of heightened stress. By addressing the situation, clearly laying out solutions and connecting people in your communities with resources and creative ideas, you will have already taken great strides toward accomplishing that goal.

When looking at options that help address the situation in the short term, it’s important to choose tools that can continue to offer value into the future. To help meet this need, we’re excited to share details about the eFuneral Agent remote sales engine.

eFuneral Agent provides agents and consumers a way to connect, plan and pay for a funeral online when they cannot meet face to face, including:

  • Completing policy paperwork
  • Answering health questions
  • Verifying identification
  • Collecting signatures
  • Collecting payment
  • Submitting to Homesteaders for policy issue

To learn more and get started, visit For additional information about serving families during a crisis, download the free white paper linked below.

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