Make 2020 Your Year: Ideas for Achieving Your Goals

Now that we've wrapped up 2019, it’s a good time to review your goals for 2020 and decide exactly how to achieve them. Funeral service is a unique calling and communities depend on you in several different situations. Setting and executing your personal and professional goals lays the strong foundation needed to support families. Whether you’re a seasoned funeral service professional or you’re just getting started in your career, there are several steps you can take to make 2020 a great year.

The strategies are set, the initiatives have been decided and the tasks are about to begin. How do you stay on track throughout the year? Here are my secrets for achieving success in 2020:

1. Break your big goals into smaller goals.

The larger your goal, the smaller the pieces you’ll need for success. Three hundred and sixty-five days is a long time, so breaking your goal down into daily, weekly or monthly tasks can help you stay on track. For example, if you’re hoping to earn a new accreditation or transition your funeral home to a new computer system, you will need to break these goals into done in bite-sized increments.

2. Celebrate the milestones.

Now that you have daily, weekly and monthly goals, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments. Recognize when you’ve passed a significant milestone in your plan. If it’s in a professional setting, celebrate with your team. If it’s a personal goal, treat yourself to something you love, whether it’s a movie, a fancy coffee or a staycation at home.

3. Keep your goals visible.

It’s important to keep written goals where you can see them every day. Mine are on my bathroom mirror and in my calendar and planner. Choosing something you see every day is key. According to a recent goal-setting study, you are 42% more likely to reach your goals if you write them down.

4. Share with others.

Sharing your progress with others can help keep you accountable to your goals. To protect ourselves, we often avoid sharing the progress (or failures) we’ve made with others. Our leaders, colleagues, relatives and friends are our support systems. We should share our successes and failures with them to help stay on track.

5. Be inspired.

Your attitude can have a huge effect on accomplishing your goals. If you’re feeling negative about your situation and your progress, that negativity will spread to every area of your life. You are the one that decides how you will approach the activities that help you reach your goals.

6. Be kind to yourself.

Your days are complicated, and no two are alike. You will experience some failure while working toward your goals. Make sure you have a plan for when things go off track, and forgive yourself when things don’t work out. Remember that you are unique and your contributions matter.

Anything is possible if you stick to your goals! Always remember to plan your work and work your plan. Cheers to a successful 2020!

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