12 Funeral Home Blog Posts You Can Write Immediately

Families in your community are searching for information about funeral services online – but who is providing the answers to their questions? If you can’t confidently say that your firm’s website is a solid resource for information about funeral services in your community, it may be time to add a funeral home blog to your marketing efforts.

The most difficult part of operating a blog is ensuring that it is periodically updated with relevant information. Set a reasonable goal – such as posting once per month – and then create a content calendar that will help you stay on track to reach that goal.

Your expertise can make you a valuable source of information about many different topics. Below are 12 funeral home blog post prompts to help you get started.

1. Creative Funeral Service Ideas

Families will appreciate your insights on how they can personalize their services to fit a loved one’s interests. With client families’ permission, you can share ideas from services you have performed and include testimonials about their experiences. You can also use a blog post to highlight some of the customizable merchandise and unique options you offer.

2. Visitation and Funeral Etiquette

A visitation or funeral can be an intimidating experience for people who have not recently attended one of these events. By providing information about funeral etiquette and local funeral customs, you’ll help put visitors at ease in advance – and maybe even make your job easier during services.

3. Grief Support Resources

Your firm’s aftercare program is an important way to stay connected to your community. Consider writing a blog post that highlights your firm’s grief programs (such as support groups and memorial events) and explains how people can participate.

4. Helping Children with Grief and Loss

When a child loses a loved one, caregivers need tools to help them understand the experience and process their emotions. Your firm can publish a blog post that explains some of the resources available in the community. You can also include links to children’s books related to death and grief that you have found helpful.

5. What is Advance Funeral Planning?

Help families learn more about the benefits of advance funeral planning by introducing (and frequently posting about) this service on your blog. Even if people in your community are familiar with preneed, the information in your blog post may be just what they need to feel comfortable taking the next step. Be sure to explain the best way for people to get in touch with you to start their advance funeral plans.

6. Memorial Ideas for Veterans

Family members whose loved ones have served in the military may have questions about significant ways to honor their service. Consider writing a blog post about special options your funeral home offers for members of the military. Don’t forget to include information about the cemetery choices in your area.

7. Talking to Loved Ones About Final Wishes

Many people are uncomfortable broaching the subject of death, but everyone should think about how they want to be remembered and feel comfortable sharing those preferences with loved ones. By writing a post with tips for discussing memorialization, you’ll help families start these important conversations. Refer to FAMIC’s Have the Talk of a Lifetime® program for ideas and resources on this topic.

8. Memorial Service Ideas for Families Who Choose Cremation

As more families choose cremation, it is more important than ever to ensure they understand all of your firm’s offerings that help them honor loved ones. You can explain their options for the service, as well as the choices for disposition in your area. In addition, include information about merchandise your firm offers (such as cremation jewelry).

9. Remembering Loved Ones During the Holidays

Major holidays can be particularly difficult for families who have recently lost a loved one. Write a post for your blog with ideas that families can use to modify holiday traditions or create new ones. Also, if your firm offers a holiday memorial service event, this type of post offers a great opportunity to invite your community to attend.

10. Community Involvement

Your funeral home is an integral part of your community, and your blog can be used to share the many ways you support the people in your area. If your firm supports a local charity, write a blog post to highlight your involvement and encourage others to support the cause. When your community has a special milestone on the horizon, write a post that explains your firm’s history as it relates to that event.

11. Staff Member Spotlight

Even if your funeral home website has a staff page, it may not include many details about your team. This idea for an ongoing blog post series allows you to introduce members of your staff to the community and may help people feel more comfortable reaching out to your firm when they need your services.

12. Online Grief Support Resources

Many funeral homes offer online grief support through email subscription services and other website resources. Your blog could include a post that explains your preferred online resources and provides links where readers can access this information.

If you use one of these funeral home blog post prompts per month, you’ll have an entire year of content covered. As you write, you’ll most likely discover additional ideas for articles that will be of use to your community. By keeping your blog frequently updated with posts that are meaningful to the people you serve, you’ll open up an entirely new line of communication that helps them build lasting relationships with your firm.

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