How a Funeral Home Blog Can Help You Connect with Your Community

More and more often, people turn to online resources to get information that drives their purchasing decisions. Beyond using your website to find general information about your services, members of your community could also be exploring the content to gain a better overall picture of the type of business you’re operating – and form opinions about whether or not they’d want to use your services in the future.

This is why a blog can become an important part of your funeral home marketing. Starting a blog isn’t just an obligatory marketing exercise because it’s “expected” by today’s website visitors – it’s a way to create an outlet where you can share messages about your funeral home and about funeral service.

How often have you wished for a better way to explain what your funeral home does for your community and educate people about funeral planning? Here are a few of the ways a funeral home blog provides an opportunity to share information and connect with your community in meaningful ways:

1. helps you participate in the conversation

You’ve probably encountered people who have misinformed perceptions about funeral homes and about what you do as a funeral service professional. Your funeral home blog can provide an outlet for you to share information about the services you provide and your role in helping families through some of their most difficult times. It can also help families feel more comfortable about working with your funeral home by allowing them to get to know your staff members.

Consider asking different people on your team to contribute blog posts about topics such as:

  • Why he or she entered funeral service
  • Tips families should know about funeral planning
  • Unique memorial service ideas


2. shows you care about the same things they do

Your funeral home is invested in your community. You support local schools, volunteer for local charitable causes and get involved with local organizations. Let your community know about the things that are important to you by posting about them on your blog. If you’re hosting a holiday memorial service for the community, write a post about what you’re planning and why. If members of your staff participated in a charity event, share photos and quotes about why it was a great experience. Your funeral home blog presents an excellent opportunity to share the things you’re already doing that make you so important to your community.

3. encourages repeat visits to your website

According to HubSpot, 46% of people read blogs more than once per day. By maintaining a blog on your funeral home website, you’ll give families another reason to keep coming back for new information. A family you’ve served in the past may visit your blog to see what the staff who served them have been doing lately. A person who is considering prearranging may read the blog to find out if your firm’s mission and services align with his or her values. Someone who has recently lost a loved one may turn to your blog as a grief support resource. All of these potential repeat visits can help build brand loyalty for your funeral home – and the content you publish provides a valuable service to your community.

4. generates high-quality content to share on social media

Funeral homes can connect with their client families through many types of content on their social media pages. But the more you can tailor the content you post to your community, the more likely you’ll be to attract additional followers and experience higher engagement. You can use social media to share links to blog posts that have been specifically written to meet the information needs of your client families (or potential client families) and that feature your community involvement activities.

5. Helps improve search engine rankings

Blog posts create more pages for your website, and those additional URLs give your website more chances to rank in search engine results. The results of online searches are important for ensuring your client families can find your funeral home website when they’re looking for information about funeral services in the area. According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of search users have “learned something new or important that really helped them or increased their knowledge.” Your funeral home blog allows your firm to contribute information that members of your community want and need.


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