3 Facebook Features to Boost your Funeral Home Social Media

Most of the major social media platforms offer many more features than just posting updates and links. Developers at Facebook and many other sites continue to expand their abilities (and their worldwide reach) to include more community- and video-focused components. Funeral homes can easily take advantage these features to increase the number of people they connect with in their surrounding area. Take a look at the add-ons offered by Facebook that could help boost your funeral home social media marketing.

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook has been promoting their Groups feature non-stop, even going as far as running commercials on cable TV stations to encourage people to join a group that aligns with their hobbies, interests or favorite activities. The messaging is so persuasive that I eventually decided to search for groups to join, too. I very quickly found a group for people who have tortoiseshell cats (like me) and requested to become one of their 12,000-plus members. After I was accepted, I was amazed to see the community that had been built around these animals. People were posting things like cute videos of their own cats, tips on training, polls about the best brands of food and even questions about behavioral issues. Most posts had more than 20 comments and anywhere from 30 to 200 reactions. Most funeral home businesses can’t get interaction like that with a $200 ad.

Funeral homes who aren’t seeing very many likes or comments on their Facebook Page may want to consider creating specific Facebook Groups for their community. One of the easiest groups to create would be for past client families and could function as community grief support and aftercare. Your funeral home could help guide the discussion and encourage people to share what they’re going through. Facebook users tend to be more willing to share their personal stories or questions as well as comment on and like posts. Private groups tend to feel like a safer space than posting publicly on Facebook.

2. Creator Studio

In 2018, Facebook quietly launched Creator Studio to help businesses better manage their Pages. This platform includes many of the same features as a Business Page’s Insights tab, but has been expanded to help Pages monitor multiple accounts at one time. If a funeral home has several branches that each have their own Facebook Page, Creator Studio is a free way to manage and post to several pages at once without relying on a third-party system.

Other features of Creator Studio include:

  • Enhanced video metrics.
  • A “loyalty” view, which gives information on returning visitors.
  • Direct access to all of your Page’s Messenger inboxes.
  • A Rights Manager, which helps protect the content you post.
  • A Sound Collection, which is where funeral homes can download royalty-free music and sound effects for videos you create and share on Facebook.

3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live was all the rage a few years ago, but now that the newness of the feature has worn off, there are a lot fewer Pages posting live videos. Fortunately for funeral home businesses, that means there’s more room for your content and a greater chance your video will be viewed. Going live on Facebook is fairly easy. You simply click on the “Live” icon in the area where you would create a post. It will ask you to include information about what will be happening in the video, and once you’re done your live stream will begin. From personal experience, I recommend investing in a tripod, inexpensive clip-on light and a microphone.

There are several things you can do on Facebook Live to enhance your funeral home social media marketing. Your funeral home could consider broadcasting community presentations, lunch and learns, holiday services or community awards ceremonies for those who are unable to attend.

Since it launched in 2004, Facebook has evolved to include multiple apps and features that are intended to help you target the right audience and make real connections. Taking advantage of these components could help you reach even more people than before. Have you or your funeral home used any of the features listed above? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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