5 Essential Traits Your Funeral Home Customers Want

A client’s experience with your firm has a tremendous impact on their overall impression of doing business with you. In the latest “State of the Connected Consumer” report published by Salesforce, 79% of consumers agreed that “the experience a company provides is as important as its products/services.”

What are the traits that help cement strong relationships through exceptional customer experiences? Here are a few of the top characteristics that can help truly differentiate your funeral home and meet or exceed your client families’ expectations.


Consumers are paying more attention to the organizations they do business with and how those firms adhere to their mission. Brands can form more meaningful connections when they share not just what they do, but why they do it and how that benefits their clients and their communities.

How you can deliver: Share stories that get to the heart of why you do what you do. Your firm likely has some compelling stories about how and why it was founded, how your team members got started in funeral service and what keeps your staff motivated to provide exceptional service for families. You also probably have stories about how and why you are involved in the community. Those narratives make a much stronger and more lasting impression than simply stating what you do.


No one likes to feel they are entering a decision-making process unprepared. Consumers want and increasingly expect to do business with companies that offer easily understandable information about what is available, the investment and how to get started.

How you can deliver: Use your funeral home website to help educate client families about what you offer and what they can expect from their experience with you. Both in this content and when meeting with families, avoid jargon and offer clear explanations of your services. Because funeral planning is an unfamiliar process for many, share the full range of services without making assumptions about what families will or won’t want.


Consumers want to do business with firms that take the time to understand their needs and can provide creative solutions. Offering relevant customization options can help differentiate your firm from other providers.

How you can deliver: While it can be helpful for families to hear examples of services and options that other families in their community choose, be sure to explain how the services can be customized to honor a unique, well-lived life. Ask questions that encourage your clients to share stories that will provide useful details that can then be used to create truly memorable services.


The “State of the Connected Consumer” report notes that more than half of customers say they “feel an emotional connection to the brands they buy from the most.” Those strong relationships build loyalty and lead to referrals.

How you can deliver: Trust and understanding help drive stronger connections with your client families. Establish trust by being transparent and following through on the promises you make in your firm’s mission and values. Nurture relationships with families in ways that anticipate their needs, such as through text-based aftercare programs that reach them with relevant messaging at the right time.


The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for online service options. Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to do business with companies that make it faster and more convenient to do business on their terms.

How you can deliver: Offer options that meet the preferences of your clients, including online funeral planning. These tools can help serve clients who may not be comfortable walking through your doors to plan with you. However, it’s not enough to offer just any an online planning option. The solution you choose should provide an end-to-end experience that integrates seamlessly with your brand and the excellent service your community expects from you.

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