The Funeral Home Marketing Plan Series

Do you have a steady stream of preneed and at-need clients, or do you find that your marketing campaigns fall short of generating enough qualified leads to support your business goals? Having a comprehensive marketing plan in place can help you target the right consumers in your community with the right messaging at the right time. This complete series will walk you through the fundamentals of creating a funeral home marketing plan that works and aid you with resources to help you build or refine your funeral home’s marketing plan.

What Is a Funeral Home Marketing Plan and Why Is It Necessary?

A funeral home marketing plan is your go-to-market strategy for connecting with preneed and at-need consumers through digital and physical marketing channels. You can determine the appropriate channels for your target market by conducting a thorough market analysis, which allows you to connect with potential consumers on a deeper level, position your funeral home business for growth and make a lasting impact on your community. Before you create a new plan or revise an existing one, discover the fundamentals of building an effective funeral home marketing plan.

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How to conduct A Market Analysis for Your Funeral Home Business

An effective funeral home marketing plan is so much more than a direct mail campaign or regular posts on your funeral home’s Facebook page. A successful plan should detail the demographic makeup and psychographic behaviors of those in your community and identify the consumers who align with your ideal customer profile. Identifying these target consumers begins with conducting a market analysis, which will provide you with several benefits such as:

  • Uncovering rich insights about who these people are
  • Determining which marketing channels and tactics will resonate most with those families
  • Building meaningful connections with your client families and potential consumers
  • Helping position your funeral home for further success

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3 Steps to Align Your Funeral Home Marketing Strategy to Your Customer Journey

After conducting a market analysis and analyzing your results, you can identify your target segments and appropriate channels for your funeral home’s marketing plan. But to create a plan that works, you must align your marketing strategy to the customer journey. In other words, you need to ensure your plan accounts for three things: nurturing prospective client families, guiding them to purchase from your funeral home and inspiring long-term customer loyalty.

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