Treasured Memories Community Funding: A Solution to Safe Funeral Service Crowdfunding

In the fall of 2020, Tim Briggs’ friend called him with shocking and unexpected news. That friend’s 18-year-old nephew had passed suddenly.

“They were not prepared for the loss, and finances were a concern,” Briggs, the general manager and vice president at Oman Funeral Home & Crematory, said. “We promised this family that we would meet their needs no matter their ability to pay.”

That’s when Briggs introduced the family to Treasured Memories Community Funding (TMCFunding), which was created by a group of funeral directors FOR funeral directors. Their story started the same—with a family who experienced an unexpected death, which brought unexpected costs. This family, like many others, turned to crowdfunding websites and social media to ask for help covering all unexpected costs. However, they eventually found Treasured Memories, which ensured the process was safe and secure, with funds going exactly where the family wanted.

Briggs explained the Treasured Memories process to his friend’s family and encouraged them to share their story on the platform so it could be shared among the community. In less than two days, the memorial fund was fulfilled.

“While this was a single heartwarming demonstration of a community's generous ability, I have had the privilege of using this tool to raise over $110,000 for local churches, charities and special community needs over the last 24 months,” Briggs said.

Why use Treasured Memories Community Funding?

Funeral homes found that families don’t get immediate access to these funds, and fraud or scams, especially in the case of high-profile deaths, often occur. Using crowdfunding can allow for a more meaningful and healthier healing process. The funeral home can proceed with services and know that the payment will come through a secure source. Creating a separate community funding program also helps control the messaging around finances.

Additionally, having an online public forum allows for the grieving to see condolences and support from their family and friends. The solution of TMCFunding is positive, while also truly helpful to the communities you serve.

“Treasured Memories Community Funding is a powerful tool in our toolbox,” said Tim Briggs. “Through our own reputation in the community, this resource has been trusted time and time again by the families we serve as a simple method to raise awareness and resources.”

The majority of funds raised on the platform are for memorial donations for these causes. One example of a memorial campaign is this, created to benefit a student ministry.

Different from Other Crowdfunding Websites

The Treasured Memories Community Funding website ensures that funds can be collected safely. The website has a downloadable disclosure agreement.

The fundraisers also come with a donor report, ensuring the family can acknowledge and thank each donor. Other crowdfunding websites don’t offer this, leaving the families unable to properly thank contributors.

The most important things that set TMCFunding apart are its cost and simplicity as it is a 0% fee platform. Setup for the fundraiser is completely free for funeral homes or the families. The credit card processors still apply their fee to each donation (the 2.9%).

There Are Two Ways You Can Support a Family Using TMCFunding

  • Family Support Fundraiser: This is a way to secure funds that help a family beyond the funeral services. It can help with other expenses the family is facing like a sudden loss of income, care of their dependents or medical bills.

  • Memorial Donation Campaign: This option allows for the family to collect donations to benefit a charity or cause in honor of their loved one. It’s a way to tell a story beyond a sentence in the obituary. The TMCFunding website gives the families a chance to expand on why they are passionate about a particular charity or cause, and how it impacts the legacy left in their loved one’s name.


Sharing with Your Followers

Briggs has seen how this platform can not only help raise funds, but also promotes your funeral home to the community. Treasured Memories offers an add-on to purchase a large and reusable presentation check. Oman Funeral Homes celebrates many of their memorial donation campaigns on their Facebook page using that large check.

Ready to get started? For more information about community funding and how to increase involvement in your community, contact your Homesteaders Account Executive.

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