How to Get Repeat Visitors to Your Funeral Home Website

Think about the websites you visit frequently. What is it about those sites that keeps you going back? Is it simply a search for more information about their products and services? Is it interesting content on topics and issues you value? Or a particular blogger’s expertise?

Answering these questions can help you better understand your own experiences as a consumer, which will help you make assumptions about what visitors to your funeral home’s website may want and need. Just like you, they’re more likely to continue visiting your site if they have a satisfying experience the first time. Here are some simple tips to attract repeat visitors to your funeral home website.

Keep It Simple.

Make sure your website is easy to use. Resist the urge to clutter your homepage with overwhelming amounts of content or complicated graphics. Instead, keep it simple and organized. Offer intuitive navigation features, including tabs, clearly labeled sections, and images that help visitors to easily move around your site for the information they need.

Visitors want information quickly, so make sure your website load times are fast. Periodically test your website on various devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets and desktops, to identify any problems with load times and formatting. Also, be sure the site is functional and user-friendly on different web browsers. Quickly resolve any issues to ensure that every user has a satisfying experience.

Keep It Relevant and Valuable.

It’s crucial to remember who your target audience is to ensure the information is helpful and relevant. People visiting your website are searching for specific information about your funeral home’s services. These may include obituaries, flower orders, memorialization options, pricing or preplanning for themselves or a loved one. Be sure the information on your website is consistent with the rest of your messaging and marketing collateral.

Featuring your value-added services will help client families feel connected to your funeral home. Your website is a perfect platform to highlight your funeral home’s unique services and programs. For instance, if you have a grief support specialist on staff, create an aftercare and grief support section. If you have a therapy dog “on staff,” consider setting up a webpage with stories and photos. Offer a weekly blog that provides helpful information about those support programs and resources. Keep visitors engaged by asking them to provide comments or questions to your blog posts. Add links to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and encourage visitors to share your posts.

Keep It Current.

Featuring content that is timely and up to date is key to compelling first-time users to continue to visit your funeral home’s website. If people visit your site multiple times only to find the same, stale information, they’ll quickly lose interest and search for another resource.

Be sure to highlight all special events, including virtual presentations. Post a calendar of events and be sure someone on your staff is responsible for keeping it current. As information about funeral home staff, locations and community events change, your website is a quick and easy platform to provide updates.

Get Started.

Whether you have someone on staff or hire a professional website and content developer, we encourage you to provide valuable content for your website visitors. If you're looking for inspiration or potential content topics, Homesteaders regularly posts blogs and articles on the benefits of funeral service and preneed on our website and social media platforms. For more information, contact your Homesteaders Account Executive.

What unique information do you offer on your funeral home’s website to keep visitors engaged? Please share your comments below.

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