Lock in Today’s Prices with P3 Casket Price Protection Plan

We know that for many funeral providers even small increases in material cost can significantly impact your already shrinking profit margin. This means many firms are always looking for ways to control costs without impacting quality of service.

Fortunately, Homesteaders has an exclusive partnership with Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions to help protect against casket and urn price inflation and create long-term savings for funeral providers. 

Lock in Today’s Casket and Urn Prices

With our exclusive P3® Casket Price Protection Plan, funeral homes can lock in the current wholesale cost of a Matthews Aurora casket or urn on a qualifying Homesteaders-funded policy. The price lock helps avoid the added cost of price increases and minimize the expense and risk for your firm and your client families. This is an enhanced discount exclusive only to Homesteaders Life Company.

Plan Features

In addition to the casket price protection, we will roll back the original wholesale cost an additional 2% at the time of the death.* Additionally, with our P3® Casket Price Protection Plan, you can lock in the current wholesale cost of a Matthews Aurora casket or urn on a qualifying Homesteaders-funded policy and avoid the added cost of price increases, minimizing the expense and risk for your firm and your families. Using P3 can reap big savings for the future of your firm and the families who need stability in unpredictable circumstances. 

What Your Savings Could Look Like

This table demonstrates what your savings could be as the policy matures. The numbers below are based on a wholesale cost of $1,000 and the annual price increase on that casket assumed to be 5 percent.

Year 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years

Est. Wholesale Cost

$1,050 $1,158 $1,276 $1,629

Your Cost with the Price Protection Plan (80% Purchase Agreement)

$980 $980 $980 $980

Your Price Protection Plan Discount on Casket

6.7% 15.4% 23.2% 39.8%

But don't just take our word on the program. Hear directly from a funeral director about his firm's experience using the program and the benefits they've seen for their funeral home and the families they serve.

Additional Benefits

Homesteaders' customer Dave Moore of Hogan Bremer Moore Colonial Chapels in Mason City, Iowa, shared about his experience using our P3® Casket Price Protection Plan and the benefits for funeral directors and consumers: 

"The partnership between Matthews Aurora™ [Funeral Solutions] and Homesteaders Life Company offers significant benefits for funeral directors and consumers alike. Funeral directors gain financial stability and improved service offerings, while consumers enjoy financial security and flexibility in planning their funeral arrangements. This [program] addresses the challenges posed by economic trends and changing consumer preferences, providing a valuable solution for both parties involved."

Benefits for Funeral Directors

Price Stability: With rising inflation and uncertain economic conditions, having a guaranteed price for pre-paid caskets helps funeral directors avoid potential cost increases, providing them with financial security and predictability.

Enhanced Service Offerings: The program allows funeral directors to offer their clients an attractive and secure option for preplanning funeral arrangements, which can differentiate their services from competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

Simplified Planning Process: Pre-paying for caskets through a life insurance product streamlines the planning process for funeral directors who can work directly with Homesteaders, eliminating the need to manage separate pre-paid casket arrangements.

Benefits for Consumers

Financial Stability: Pre-paying with a life insurance policy ensures that consumers' funeral expenses are covered, providing financial security for their families and loved ones. This program allows them to plan and budget for their final expenses in advance, relieving the burden on their families during difficult times.

Flexibility in Funeral Choices: With the option to pre-pay for a casket, consumers have the flexibility to make decisions about their funeral arrangements without financial constraints. This can empower them to choose the funeral service that aligns with their preferences, whether it be traditional casketed services or cremation.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that their funeral costs are covered and protected by a reputable life insurance company can bring peace of mind to consumers, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their lives.

* Participating customers must purchase at least 80% of their caskets or urns from Matthews Aurora to qualify. The deceased must have lived at least 1 year from the time of the policy issue.

Full program requirements are included in the P3 Participation agreement. The P3 Participation agreement is required to join the program.

Program not available in some states.


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