Inflation in the Funeral Profession: Locking in Today’s Prices

The United States economy is currently experiencing historic inflation and commodity cost increases affecting every industry and sector, including the funeral profession. For many funeral providers, even small increases in material cost can significantly impact their already shrinking profit margin, leaving many firms looking for ways to control costs without impacting their quality of service.

Fortunately, Homesteaders has partnered with Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions to help protect against casket and urn price inflation and create long-term savings for funeral providers.

Lock in Today’s Casket and Urn Prices

With our exclusive P3 Price Protection Plan, funeral homes can lock in the current wholesale cost of a Matthews Aurora casket or urn on a qualifying Homesteaders-funded policy. The price lock helps avoid the added cost of price increases and minimize the expense and risk for your firm and your client families.

Using P3 can also reap big savings for the future of your firm and the families who need stability in unpredictable circumstances.

Plan features include:

  • Locked-in wholesale prices
  • 2% roll-back at the time of death*
  • And more!

What if you could buy caskets and urns for what they cost 10 years ago?

* Participating customers must purchase at least 80% of their caskets or urns from Matthews Aurora to qualify. The deceased must have lived at least 1 year from the time of the policy issue.

Full program requirements are included in the P3 Participation agreement. The P3 Participation agreement is required to join the program.

Program not available in some states.

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