Thank You, Funeral Professionals

Even in relatively “typical” conditions, funeral professionals help families navigate extraordinarily difficult situations with compassionate service. But we all know the past year was anything but typical as funeral professionals were suddenly among those who were called on to respond quickly and tirelessly to help their communities through the challenges of the pandemic.

You demonstrated strength and determination in so many ways that made a tremendous difference to families. On National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day (March 11), we wanted to take another opportunity to recognize all of you who are helping families even as you overcome challenges of your own.

Thank you for your perseverance.

Last year, many businesses and operations were shut down or interrupted in response to the pandemic. As health and safety guidelines were put in place – and often changed rapidly as more information became available – you pivoted to continue to help families honor their loved ones through the uncertainty.

Thank you for your compassion.

When times are challenging, it’s sometimes a natural instinct to put one’s own needs above others. But as you do in so many situations, funeral professionals continued to show tremendous compassion and empathy for their client families who were adjusting to uncertain times, helping them find ways to honor their loved ones.

Thank you for your creativity.

Funeral professionals’ adaptability has never been more apparent than it has in the last year. You rose to the challenge of making sure families could honor their loved ones even when large gatherings weren’t possible. With little warning, you adopted new technology, adapted your procedures and gave your best to families who had lost a loved one.

Thank you for your generosity.

Funeral professionals continued programs to support their communities, like collecting supplies for those in need, offering aftercare resources and adjusting your schedules and processes to meet families safely. Funeral professionals also contributed to efforts to help colleagues in the hardest hit areas of the country get much-needed resources to continue their important work.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence.

Through the challenges of the pandemic, funeral professionals didn’t slow their efforts to innovate and meet the changing needs of families. Many responded to the pandemic with new services and options that will continue to make the lives of the families they serve better even after the worst of the crisis has ended.

We’re grateful for your work to help families remember and honor their loved ones. Thank you for dedicating your skills and talent to help your communities, today and every day.

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