Tips for Families Who Make Advance Funeral Plans

Every year, thousands of individuals plan and fund funerals in advance with the help of trusted funeral service providers. Their reasons for doing so vary, but include eliminating emotional and financial burdens from loved ones and the desire to make thoughtful, informed decisions about how they want to be remembered.

Completing the paperwork isn’t the end of an advance funeral planning experience, however. These next steps can open the lines of communication between family members, keep your plans up to date and help others experience the benefits of prearranging.

Keep family members informed of your plans.

Advance funeral planning is a gift to your loved ones, but this gift shouldn’t come as a surprise to them. It’s important to make sure they know the key details of your funeral plans, including the contact information for the funeral home where you made the arrangements. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, a conversation about funeral planning is one that can make things easier for everyone in the future.

Ask about grief support resources.

Advance funeral planning is certainly a positive experience and might have even brought you joy as you reflected on the people and experiences that really matter in your life. But it’s also possible to experience grief when considering your own final wishes and remembering loved ones who have died. Many funeral homes offer grief support resources and programs – don’t hesitate to contact your funeral service provider for information about services in your area.

Periodically review your information.

It’s a good idea to periodically review your funeral plan to make sure the information is up-to-date and reflects your preferences. Your funeral service professional can help explain your options if you’d like to make changes and can also help update your contact details and family information as needed. Be sure to discuss any changes in your plans with family members, too.

Share your experiences.

Individuals who choose to plan a funeral in advance demonstrate very high satisfaction with prearranging. In fact, 96% of respondents to a 2015 Homesteaders policy owner survey were “completely” or “very” satisfied with their decision. Nearly all (96%) of the respondents indicated they would at least consider recommending advance funeral planning, and more than 40% of them already had within a few weeks of prearranging!

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