Top 5 Blog Posts for Funeral Professionals in 2023

As we close out another year, we’re grateful for our Homesteaders Blog readers and the time you’ve dedicated to learning how to better serve client families and improve your business. In 2023, we dove into solutions to boost creativity and increase your community’s awareness about your funeral home’s services. While there are many great posts from the past year, we’ve identified these five popular posts that are worth another look as we enter 2024.

The Top 5

1. 7 Comforting Text Messages to Send to Someone Who is Grieving

It can be difficult to write a message to someone who is grieving that is meaningful but not cliché. When writing a text message for someone who is grieving, family members and friends can try one of these phrases or actions. Whether that message includes offering to do a simple task, like mowing the lawn, or just lets the person know you’re thinking about them, texts can be a powerful source of comfort.

2. Final Disposition Options for Families Who Choose Cremation

Families can benefit from your creativity and expertise when personalizing services to meet their needs. In this post, we explore options for final disposition when a family chooses cremation. Important considerations include whether the final disposition represents the individual’s personality, and how to ensure families feel connected through that choice. Some highlighted choices include environmentally friendly options such as a memorial reef or tree pod, plus memorial keepsakes such as jewelry or stained glass.

3. How AI Can Be Used in Funeral Services

AI has been a hot topic in every industry this past year. This blog post focuses on tips for using AI to help customize funeral services. Specifically, we share how to use ChatGPT as a creativity tool for you and your client families to help write about a loved one. We also created a specific list of questions you can ask ChatGPT to help generate memorial ideas, obituary content and memorial video scripts.

4. 6 Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

Preplanning a funeral offers many benefits for the person who is making the arrangements and for their loved ones. If you are looking for information about the top reasons why people decide to make advance funeral plans this blog post is for you. We highlight six important reasons to start preplanning your funeral, which you can consider when sharing information about this important topic with families.

5. Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Flowers

Many people love to give and receive flowers after the loss of a loved one. But if families and friends need alternative options, they can consider these five environmentally friendly alternatives to flowers to express condolences. You’ll find information about options that include potted plants, flowers made of alternative materials (such as wood), planting a tree, a seed starter kit or turning your petals into art.

All these blog posts serve as great resources for you as you start to plan your goals for 2024. Give these articles another read and consider some potential ways you could apply these resources. We encourage you to write a goal for 2024 in the comments below.

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