Why We’re More Thankful Than Ever for Funeral Professionals

During this season and amidst the unprecedented obstacles the year has brought, it’s important to take a moment to reflect with gratitude. Our Homesteaders family is grateful for all of the funeral professionals who have stepped up in incredible ways to adapt, innovate and expand how you serve families during these times.

Your commitment to exceptional service, even as you face your own challenges, is amazing if not surprising. Funeral professionals have always proven to be resilient, caring and dedicated while helping communities heal during the tough times. Here are a just a few of the reasons we appreciate your crucial work, now more than ever.

You’re there for others in spite of challenges.

Funeral professionals have worked tirelessly to continue to serve families who need them most. Your training and expertise are vital in ensuring that loved ones are handled safely yet with the same care and dignity your client families expect from you. You’re working to help keep your colleagues and communities safe while continuing to do the important work of helping people through some of their most difficult times.

You constantly look for new ways to meet families’ needs.

Your creativity and flexibility during this time have allowed families to continue to honor their loved ones’ lives in incredibly meaningful ways. You’ve expanded your firm’s technology capabilities to ensure family members who aren’t able to attend services in person are still able watch live video of those important moments. You’ve implemented creative ideas to help families heal and plan for events in the future when they’re able to safely gather. You’ve created new types of events that provide safe ways for families to connect with one another and remember their loved one. You’ve adjusted how you meet with families so you can share your expertise. All these actions, and the many, many others you do every day, do not go unnoticed.

Your compassion for families is unwavering.

While the way funeral professionals serve families during this time has changed, the care and compassion you show has not. Even when the situation may make you wish you could do even more for families, your support and guidance can mean the world to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. In addition to the funeral services, you’re still providing meaningful aftercare and continued support to ensure families get the assistance they need.

You’re committed to enhancing your skills and profession.

Funeral professionals haven’t paused efforts to continue to build skills and learn how to more effectively serve families. Hundreds of you have attended our continuing education courses this year, which offered an online option for earning CE credit and connecting with peers from many states. You’ve also (virtually) gathered together for online conventions and seminars that provide opportunities to share ideas and support one another. And so many of you have given generously to support important initiatives such as the Funeral Service Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund.

As you’re working to serve your client families, the team at Homesteaders is here to support you. From all of us, thank you for what you do every day.

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