Community Engagement for Funeral Professionals

Learn how your firm can engage with your community to share the benefits of advance funeral planning.


What Is Community Engagement?

Community engagement is the process of collaboratively working with and through groups of people affiliated by geographic proximity to address issues affecting the well-being of those people. For funeral home businesses, engaging with your community and educating them on the benefits of advance funeral planning is essential to the continuity of your firm. Keep reading to learn more about how your firm can practice community engagement, or use the quick links above to the sections that interest you.

When a family turns to your funeral home, they’re placing a tremendous amount of trust in you, expecting that you’ll provide compassionate care for their loved one, carry out their wishes and handle all of the details during an emotionally vulnerable time. The process is much easier (for you and the family) when you have already established a relationship of trust between your firm and the members of your community. Here are three questions to help you determine your funeral home’s value to your community:

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How to Engage with Members of Your Community


Position Your Funeral Home as an Expert Resource


A group of older people sitting and chatting together.
How Your Funeral Business Can Serve an Increasingly Diverse Community 

Communities today are more diverse than they ever have been. From the mixing of generations in the workplace to increasing ethnic and religious diversity, funeral homes need to adapt to serve the changing needs of their communities. Here are some examples of how your community might be changing and how you can better serve client families:

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A funeral professional assists a male client in a prearrangement conference.
Establish Your Funeral Home Business as an Expert Community Resource

Consumers’ perceptions of a business are often influenced by messages they encounter before they experience the organization’s products or services. How can you ensure your funeral home business is well-positioned to be selected by potential client families? Begin building a reputation within your community as an expert funeral service resource.

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An African American male typing at a computer.
How a Funeral Home Blog Can Help You Connect with Your Community

How often have you wished for a better way to explain what your funeral home does for your community and educate people about funeral planning? More people are turning to online resources to get information. Here are a few of the ways a funeral home blog provides an opportunity to share information and connect with your community in meaningful ways.

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Two people planning a community event using a laptop and notepad.
How to Promote Your Funeral Business at a Community Event

Getting your firm involved in community events can have a significant impact on your funeral home marketing, providing opportunities to interact with local influencers who may recommend your services to an even larger audience. These tips can help you plan your event sponsorship or participation and engage with your community during and after the event.

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Dozens of tea light candles flickering in the dark.
What You Can Do to Help a Community in Mourning

Funeral professionals have a wealth of experience in grief and aftercare, which makes them uniquely qualified to help communities in mourning. However, it can often be overwhelming to know where to start when an entire community requires support. Here are some ways you can proactively support your community as they work through their grief. 

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Host Community Engagement Presentations


A group of older friends gathered together in conversation.
The Importance of Community Presentations

Hosting group presentations in your community is an important marketing component for many funeral homes. When executed correctly, group presentations can help share the benefits of advance funeral planning with more families. Discover three benefits to hosting community presentations and tips to help you get started.

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How to Plan A Successful Preneed Presentation
How to Plan a Successful Preneed Presentation

Hosting a preneed presentation helps you leverage your skills to share the benefits of prearranging. Not only will you help educate families about this important service, but you’ll also have the chance to showcase your facilities and the exceptional events your firm is capable of hosting. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

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Get Involved in Your Community


Habitat for Humanity CEO Build featuring Homesteaders President and CEO Steve Shaffer
The Importance of Funeral Home Leadership and Community Service 

Homesteaders’ former Chairman Steve Lang, Homesteaders’ President and CEO Steve Shaffer and the Executive Director of the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity Lance Henning share why community service is important and what funeral home business leaders can do to develop their own successful community engagement events.

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A grandfather sitting on a couch with his daughter and grandson.
Community Involvement and Outreach Ideas for Funeral Homes

Marketing your firm looks a lot different these days. With countless social media channels and digital marketing tactics, there are so many new ways to reach people in your community. However, it remains true that one of the best ways to build lasting connections is to get out in your community and meet people.

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